Review: Pom Pom “Pocket Rocket” Rub-on Wax

26 Jan, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Pocket Rocket Rub-on wax is an all-temperature rub-on wax that you can carry with you on the slopes or keep by your board for those days when you forgot to wax your board but are going out to shred anyway.

Smell: Pom Pom wins me over at the smell test, hands down the best smelling wax I’ve ever used.  The rub-on wax smells like strawberry goodness and everyone I’ve had smell it is amazed it’s wax.

Appearance: The “pocket rocket” rub-on wax really fits in your pocket, it comes in a easy to seal container that you can put in your pocket or shove in a backpack without worrying about it opening up on you.

Ease of applying: I give props to Pom Pom for putting directions on the container and helping out those that might have never used rub-on wax.  I found it easy to rub the wax on my board and in spots where I rubbed on more wax than needed, the buffer pad helped spread the wax around on the base and work it in the base better.  Really easy to apply and be done for a quick ride session.

Durability: I’ve been switching up boards a lot this year which means I never know what I’m riding until I look outside that day.  Because of that, I’ve waxed my boards less often as well and I’ve been relying on the rub-on wax when I look at a board I want to ride and the base hasn’t been waxed.  So far no complaints, it doesn’t fully match a hot iron wax job but it helps a lot when you haven’t waxed.

Thoughts: Having the rub-on wax has saved my butt a couple times this season when I forgot to bring home boards to wax or needed the extra oomph on a brand new board.  It won’t replace a good wax job but it helps and every little bit counts on the mountain.  The appearance and smell of the wax totally win me over, very compact and it is the best smelling wax I’ve ever used.  I’ve had no complaints on the wax and so far used it 10 times with still a good amount of wax left to use.

Kudos to Pom Pom for putting directions on wax as well, it’s a common question that most new snowboarders have and saves the trouble when you help educate how to use the product on the actual product.

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Applying it

Pom Pom “Pocket Rocket” Rub-on Wax Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by Pom Pom.

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  1. Millie
    January 31, 2010

    I got this rubon, too. It smells really good!!!! And easy to apply, too. really handle when you are on the mountain with an unwaxed board.