SIA 2010: Arrival

27 Jan, 2010

Instead of the typical flight to SIA, this year I just needed to hit the highway and drive 3 hours to Denver.  Luckily I could overpack, bring groceries and never miss my flight.  I left Steamboat later than expected but still made it to Denver with plenty of time to run errands before checking into my hotel.

This year I’m staying in style since it’s the first year that my trip is paid for by the blog’s income and i’m not sharing it with anyone else.   The best part is my hotel suite has a living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom so I’m sure I’ll be having fellow shreds crash sometime this week.  I probably should be packing the place since my room is way more expensive than Vegas.

My home till Sunday

After checking in I made my way over to the SIA Hockey Game sponsored by Never Summer with benefits going to SOS Outreach.  I got lost on the drive so I called up Jeremy from Never Summer who said if I had an iphone I wouldn’t be lost.  Eventually I found my way so it worked out.

Hockey game in action, Gag’s was #61 and into it!

Some of the 686 crew trying to stay warm

Gotta love the homemade signs lending support!

After hockey, headed out with the sierra snowboard crew for pub style drinks and food before heading in for the night.  There’s plenty more late nights to go on this week so tonight I’m blogging it up and getting ready to announce the winner of Hannah’s AMP question contest!  Stayed tuned for it tomorrow morning!

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