SIA 2010: Day 2

30 Jan, 2010

So far Denver has kept up with the parties, fun and products that the SIA show brings for the industry each year.  Day 2 for me was a personal triumph with a late night out on the town the night before and a little over 2 hours of sleep but adrenaline kept me alive all day through each appointment.  Today was my busiest day for the show with no breaks from 9am to 5pm.

One of the first appointments of the day was with Burton Snowboards, Mia Troy showed me the line of hardgoods and softgoods for 10-11.  I think the best thing I’ve seen is their switch to make Burton more compatible with other gear.

Burton Snowboards booth

Personal touches of Vegas at the Burton booth

Burton base graphics

Mia from Burton dressed up and looking good

Today was a full swing with goggles, first with Spy and right after with Oakley.

Spy for 10-11

Oakley booth

As I was making my way to the Brandbase booth for my appointment, I happened to walk by C3 just in time for the anniversary party.  10 years of Capita, congrats boys!

Nomis booth was busy showing off the outerwear and softgoods line.  Simon Chamberlain was on hand to help out.

Checked out the Dakine line for packs, luggage and gloves they’ll have coming out.

Some of the sierrasnowboard crew at Flow Snowboards

Checking out the Flow bindings in the case.

A couple of the Nitro snowboards

Ride Snowboards introducing their new binding technology and showing off the difference between baseplates for this year and next year.

My favorite collab so far is the Ride Snowboards/Spacecraft assortment of goods

One brand that I am always interested in trying out is Sessions and I had a great meeting with the team there to check out the line including the Pearl Jam collab and B4BC.

Sessions B4BC Jacket and painting for B4BC they are auctioning off

Mike from Transworld Business and Gag’s from Never Summer talking business

One of the weirdest things was seeing Todd Richards in two’s.  He took his own mannequin around the show for a tour, I’m guessing for a todcast that will be worth checking out.  Nick Lipton from Yobeat was also on hand.

At the end of the day I stopped back at Never Summer to grab my heavy pack and say goodbyes.  The Frequency Magazine crew were on hand to find out the latest words from Jeremy at Never Summer.

The last stop was heading to the Hyatt Hotel where Signal Snowboards had a room for their snowboards and outerwear line.

After dinner it was time to head to the Transworld Riders Poll Awards.  This was the first year it was open to the public so the lower area was public and they had an upper area for VIP with free drinks.

I watched some of the awards but mostly socialized with people during the show.

I was finally able to meet my favorite writer, Brad Farmer at the Riders Poll Awards.

Fran, Trent and Will snapped at the Riders Poll

One thing about Denver is making sure to get to the right spots and we found out that sharing a taxi is always the most fun part.  I ended up sharing the cab with the old Future Snowboarding Magazine staff for the cab ride.  As someone who loved the magazine and now know some of the guys, it was great to see them reunite.

The last stop of the evening was the RZA and Wiz Khalifa show, Mark Sullivan had hooked me up with a VIP pass so free drinks and great views from the top stage at the show.  The best part was just all the people there, ran into Mark Carter fresh out of his North Face Masters win and tons of fun faces in the industry.  Some highlights of the night were Ron from Rome making sure to tell everyone about the stripper who loved me the night before, talking with John Makens from Remind Insoles and talking with James Sullivan from

Sasso and myself at the show

We made our way outside to catch a taxi back to the hotel and ended up finding out we were sharing a cab with Travis Parker.  I love the robotfood movies and own Bike Car so Travis Parker is one of those riders I love to watch hit the snow, he makes it fun and shows how fun it is.  It was rad meeting him in person and I’m still amazed I was lucky enough to meet him so randomly.

Luckily for me, I was back in my hotel room by 3am for an early night!  Day 3 is going to be interesting…and it’s already begun!

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  1. DylanBee
    January 30, 2010

    CAPiTA tomorrow?? 🙂 ..oh, and get some sleeep !!

  2. sketchy c
    January 30, 2010

    can you pleeeeeeese check out technine? i want to see an up-close on lucas’ new bindings. nike too.

    and if you go to spacecraft take a pic of my homie cody workin there

  3. A. Nony Mouse
    January 30, 2010

    did you see the guy in the wheelchair making asses out of every dipshit talking head in marketing

  4. Mac
    January 30, 2010

    Hey Shay could you please get a better look at the Oakley goggles … especially the JP Achlairs new crowbar pro model goggles

  5. CPH
    February 01, 2010

    Shay, great write-up. One question, could you elaborate more on your comment that Burton is working towards making their goods more compatible with other company’s gear? Thanks.

  6. February 04, 2010

    Dylan, got capita coming up soon! I finally got some sleep when I made it home.

    A, did not see that guy.

    Mac, got some oakley photos for you.

    CPH, thanks! I will go more into detail on the burton post.

  7. blake
    February 14, 2010

    Shay, thanks for the write-up. Did you find any information on what binding brands will be compatible with Burton channel boards next year? I’m really interested in the Gnu Agros. Thanks.