SIA 2010: Day 3

31 Jan, 2010

Saturday arrived in Denver (despite a couple late nights) and day 3 continued with the tradition of waking up early, meeting with companies at appointments and hanging out with fun people during the show.  I was able to have a break on Saturday for lunch but met with companies from 9am to almost 7pm which unfortunately caused me to miss the Yobeat/Boardistan Shred Blogger Summit at the end of the evening.

So far the show has been amazing, I’ll do a highlight post after SIA ends and of course I’ll be doing product posts from the show and what new stuff is coming out from each company.

Jones Snowboards looking good and definitely top of the list for demos starting monday.

Joe from YES Snowboards showing off DCP’s new board for 10-11

Time to twitter, text and whatever else at the Trade Show

Smokin Snowboards had some beef with Burton, very apparent with their Buck Ferton motto they ran with at the Tradeshow.

Drop gloves launched their new goggles for 10-11 and I must say, they looked great with a variety of colors, lenses and designs.

Kaiser at Pow Gloves keeping busy showing off the new line of gloves for 10-11

I met with Bataleon snowboards earlier during the show but went back to snap a shot of a couple of boards from the line.

As I was waiting for my appointment with Spacecraft, I snapped a shot of Cody who was interning at Spacecraft.  Cody has commented in the chatbox here on and it was great to finally meet him in person.

My appointment with Ryan from Spacecraft was full of laughs since he was my male model for the session.  Here’s him modeling a new beanie that comes with a full beard of fun.

I was very lucky to meet John Makens from I AM.  We’ve spoken before but never met face to face and I was really stoked on what he’s doing plus getting to know him better during the tradeshow.

My favorite booth of the show was Ride Snowboards with a lifelike convenience store when you walked into their booth.

They also stocked the fridges with their own Jones Soda Wedgie brand that was delicious

I met with Drake/Northwave Snowboards who discussed their new lineup with me.  Last year they revamped the boot line and this year was a revamping of the binding line which look improved and can’t wait to try them at the on-snow.

I caught up with Lisa from Venture Snowboards to discuss the new splitboard/snowboards coming out in 10-11 and what they are doing to make better products for the mountain.

My friends Bruce and Nico flew in from Seattle to attend SIA for the last two days and were able to catch up with Mike Olson from Lib Tech

Finally was able to check out Omatic Snowboards who continue the fun in 10-11 with their twitter/text snowboard, the extr-txtr

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Saturday night was a dinner with some of the Flow Snowboards crew/ Sierra Snowboard and Joel Gomez from Sessions.  It was such an experience to sit next to Joel, hear about stores of Kelly and Kidwell back in the day and hang out with the guys for the night before ending it at Shotgun Willie’s.  Oh yes it was one of those fun nights and getting more fun done for SIA.

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  1. Millie
    January 31, 2010

    Hay Shay, I saw Oakley is in the SIA, What kind of SB outer wear are they carrying during 10/11? Any cool jackets? Could you show us more, please? Many Thanks. 😀

  2. kevin
    February 01, 2010

    Is the Omatic Extr-Txtr going to have BS tech?

  3. jb
    February 01, 2010

    Good stuff Shay!

  4. February 04, 2010

    Millie, yep going to put up more outerwear from Oakley soon!

    Kevin, of course 🙂 BS is back!

    JB, thanks!