Snowboard Review: 09-10 Forum Destroyer Chillydog

11 Jan, 2010

Location: Loveland, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to icy conditions on the mountain.

Setup: I rode the Form Destroyer Chillydog with Forum Shaka bindings and Bonfire Geo boots.

Size: 154cm

First Impression: Chillydog rocker, lets see how this is on a mid flexing board.

Weight: Average

Flex: Overall the flex was middle of the road, its meant for all mountain and it’s not a soft rocker board but not stiffer either.  Good mix of flex that blends together to give the board a ride to handle it all.  I found the flex fine for freeriding and when I did take it in the park or just playing with, the nose and tail were easy to press and butter on with the chillydog rocker.  It felt stiffer under bindings and definitely for the words they describe on how it can handle jumping, that would make sense to take the impact on landings better.  The chillydog rocker is a continuous rocker from tip to tail and I found I liked it better on the destroyer than the youngblood where it was a bit too soft for me.

Turning: This is where I preferred the destroyer over the youngblood, the destroyer excelled edge to edge for quickness into turns and held a a turn whether it was short radius or long radius.  It just felt on point for really stable carving and turns down the mountain.  It definitely gave me that all mountain board feel in that it could handle everything from park to pow to freeriding.

Stable: There’s one run at Loveland on chair 2 that you can go fast and haul down the run, the destroyer handled it and didn’t feel like it would buck me or I needed to slow down.  It wasn’t the most stable board of others but it did ride fine and no complaints on it there.

Pop: I didn’t get a good feel of the pop on this board, either I didn’t find the sweet spot or just didn’t play with it enough to be concrete on how it was.  The continuous rocker helped a lot when playing with presses and the lighter swing weight helped when bonking trees, very easy to kick around and tap the tree.

Switch: The Destroyer chillydog is a true twin and rides like a true twin on the mountain so didn’t have any problems taking it switch.  The chillydog is continuous rocker and lifts up the contact points which helps when going into switch riding, didn’t have any edge catching switching it up.

Overall Impression: The destroyer hit that soft spot for me on the mountain and mixed with the shaka’s I got a really good feel for how the forum gear is meant to be combined to their rocker/binding setup.  Overall I liked the board, the flex was ideal for a mix of riding and while I thought it might sacrificed edgehold on the mountain and carving, it handled it pretty good.  It was one of the better edge to edge boards for the day in getting quick response from the board.  I wish I could have rode the board in more all mountain conditions and especially pow to see how it does in the deeper mountain riding but definitely another time.

Shay’s Honesty Box: I rode the destroyer right after the Youngblood and the Destroyer suited my riding style a lot better and I was able to get a better idea of the shaka’s on this board than the youngblood.

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On Snow Photo

Forum Destroyer Chillydog description


Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a demo day.

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  1. SKA
    January 11, 2010

    heard that for 2011 Capita is bringing back BSOD? and that in ep10s3 of realms TJ is riding it…could it be true?

  2. January 11, 2010

    Good question, I just checked in with Tj who said he is riding next year’s BSOD in that realms and had really great words for how it rode in the deep powder. It’s going to be at the top of the list for checking out at SIA especially with the new edge and at the on snow after SIA.

  3. Brett
    January 11, 2010

    I dont understand why capita would even consider putting a flat kick rocker on the black death???? Why why why….this is a precise, high octane speed deck that is C A M B E R….:-(

  4. January 11, 2010

    Brett, I’m gonna wait till I ride it to decide but from what I’ve seen…I loved when the premier got upgraded to F1-R, it was an improvement even though the camber excelled at speed. So it’ll be interesting to see how the board is next year. I don’t know the specifics on what’s changing or if it would be offered in camber/flat kick so you have a choice. I guess we’ll see soon!

  5. lee
    January 11, 2010

    I’ve seen it and don’t be worried about how they did it. I’m sure for the ten year anniversary they aren’t gonna muck things up. If anything it could be one of the best bsod’s yet!

  6. Brek Leines
    January 11, 2010

    Whats this about an “edge” do they have some sweet new tech?

    I want to get on a bsod so bad especially if it has fk. I <3 fk!

  7. David (aka Kimchi)
    January 11, 2010

    Own this board (also with Shakas0. I didn’t like it at first, and still am not the biggest fan of the way it “rolls” from edge to edge due to the chilly, but it’s a fun dork around stick about that can still handle decent speeds. The pop is also not the greatest, but I like that you don’t have to load up on it, you can just kind of slap it. Not a blow-me-away board, but a real solid stick I could ride everyday.

  8. capita
    January 12, 2010

    i saw a catalog shot of the BSOD, it has camber inbetween the bindings, then has flat kick after the bindings for “float”. and it has a 3rd contact point in the middle of the board ..