Steamboat 1/1/10

01 Jan, 2010

I started 2010 exactly how I wanted to:  sleeping in and going snowboarding with friends.  It felt great and was exactly my idea of beginning this year.  Yesterday was the powder day in Steamboat but I couldn’t enjoy the goods so today Philip and I made our way up to find some leftover snow for us…and we did.

We made our way up to Storm Peak, then dropped into the back of Morningside to see what was left there.  At the top we hiked up to North St Pats hoping that the terrain wouldn’t be too tracked out.

Surprisingly the riding wasn’t too bad and conditions were pretty good, bumpy but fun in spots.  I found a couple turns in powder.  I wasn’t sure what board to ride today so I took out the ultrafear FK ( I really need to get another lotus since that was my all mountain board) and in the really deep stuff it wasn’t hot, but in most of the powder it floated pretty good.

At the bottom of North St Pat’s is a pretty good size rock drop and right now it’s still sketchy in spots but Philip went off the side of it where you could land in powder and I snapped his early season air.

From where I rode to get into the location to get his photo, I found myself knee deep in powder and get to make my own way out of it to the bottom to ride out…it was awesome!

The majority of the mountain is open but that doesn’t mean the coverage is great, you still have plenty of shrubbery, twigs, rocks, logs, whatever you can imagine that needs more snow to cover it especially in some of the tree areas on the mountain.  I found that out when I suddenly caught my board in the trees and flipped over, luckily for me my board didn’t catch below the log and I was able to get out.

Philip and I starting the new year off right by snowboarding

On the way down the mountain, Philip continued to the base and I went up Bashor chair for a couple of laps through the halfpipe.  I ran into Sonny, Chris and Sean who were also lapping pipe so was able to finish the day making turns with them.

The expert features in Maverick’s park looking good and big!

I’m stoked that it’s only Friday and I have two more days to spend on the mountain enjoying it!

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