Steamboat 1/14/10

14 Jan, 2010

Mike arrived in town yesterday so he hit up the slopes today but by the time I made it out for my ride break it was the end of the day for him so we missed making turns together.  I ended up lapping park/superpipe with Tracy and Becca for the afternoon…perfect girls day to shred and have fun.

I’ve been working at trying to air out of the pipe, at Windell’s over the summer I had it but now back in Steamboat I almost have it.  I still just love riding halfpipe and it was great to make laps with the girls who are up for also riding halfpipe.

Today Larry Pierce was up taking photos and he got a shot of me in the pipe which is rad, I won’t ever go as big as other riders but I’m stoked!   I’m still riding the sierrascope to get the review done for it before I make the switch to my lotus.

During the not-so-great snow year’s, having a good park matters.  This is that year here in Steamboat, it’s not a powder year so far and we’re definitely shredding park way more often because of it.  Our park this year just got revamped again and rode perfection today.

My favorite shots are the expressions people make after riding a feature because it really says a lot.  I captured Tracy coming out of the mini pipe totally stoked on her run!

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  1. MikeyTBC
    January 15, 2010

    Nice shot Shay!

  2. wish i had a park
    January 15, 2010

    wish i still lived in the boat, targhee has no park this year boo!!!!!!

  3. tracy
    January 15, 2010

    I love the shot of you in the pipe!! sooo rad! i am jellous : ) I saw the ones larry took of scott… they too are rad. The lighting was perfect. as for the one of me… who wouldn’t be stoked after riding the mini pipe?! Lets ride again soon! There is usually a crew of us riding pipe and park from about 3-4:00.. come join us anytime.

  4. January 15, 2010

    Thanks Mikey!

    Wish I had a park, they’ve definitely stepped it up for Steamboat which is great to see!

    Tracy, Yeah I was surprised he got a shot and stoked too! The Scott shot is rad, such a good shot! Mini pipe is so much fun, definitely up for more shredding sessions!