Steamboat 1/16/10

16 Jan, 2010

This week was definitely working for the weekend and when the weekend arrived, it was much-needed time to shred!  With Mike in town we were finally able to take laps together and since he spent the last two days freeriding the mountain, we opted for a park day today.

Say hi to Mike…he’s the behind the scenes help

We ended up lapping Maverick’s pipe or Rabbit Ears Park and then hitting up the Lil’ Rodeo smaller park on the way down to Christie chairlift.  With the mountain busy because of MLK weekend, lapping park wasn’t that busy and a perfect day to work on the park/pipe skills.

I had some good runs and bad runs today, ended up slamming off the tire bonk but it was fun trying and definitely my first hard slam this season…of course it was to my stomach not my head.  I worked on my switch riding outside of the park and especially riding switch on cat tracks.  But pipe felt better when I slowed down and really concentrated on my heelside wall and Lil’ Rodeo is always fun for riding through.

During one of the laps through Lil’ Rodeo we ran into Scott Anfang who was guiding for the day with a blind snowboarder and it was amazing to watch them ride together.  The blind snowboarder killed it in the mini pipe with Scott riding with him!

There’s still no new snow in Steamboat which makes me just want to ride and progress at park right now.  I’ve got a post coming up that will help me work on my park riding and goals this year.

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    January 20, 2010

    I know what you mean about wanting to ride park when conditions suck…in CO we are spoiled with wonderful conditions often, and whenever conditions are sub par it makes me sad. Have you made it down to Purgatory(DMR) or Wolf Creek yet? It makes me sad because…they have no park. Would love it if you came and stayed for a weekend with a friend or two and we could shred either one…I havn’t had any real snow time yet this year because of moving and a new job and whatnot.