Steamboat 1/17/10

17 Jan, 2010

I wasn’t sure if I’d hit up the mountain today but as soon as I made it to the top of the superpipe and had my best run…there was no turning back on what a fun afternoon it would be.  I came up alone since I had just dropped off Mike at the airport and like any riding day, you always run into someone you know so I was lucky I ran into Claire for the afternoon.

Today was really busy on the mountain since it’s a 3 day weekend for most people (MLK tomorrow) but sticking to park and pipe was perfect for avoiding the crowds.  Claire and I stuck to pipe runs and didn’t hit up Lil’ Rodeo till the last couple runs.

The best most awesome trick of the day was hitting the first box in Lil’Rodeo again, it’s now ollie on to ride it and I ended up hitting it finally.  Craig who is an instructor helped me in the pipe with airing out, he told me to imagine the lip higher than it is and that made me air out for the last couple runs in the pipe with him.

Claire riding by the best butt shot I’ve ever gotten from a one-piece and he rocked a Ride board.

Jerry was up on the mountain teaching his student Lucky and snapped this shot of them on each side of the wall.  Lucky on the left airing out and Jerry on the right taking it easy (he scorped on the flat down yesterday).

Such a fun day and glad I didn’t bail out on riding the mountain!  Now it’s just back to work and looking forward to sierrasnowboard’s meet up in Steamboat this upcoming weekend!

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