Steamboat 1/22/10

22 Jan, 2010

It was another park day in the boat…definitely with the lack of snow this year, it’s a lot of park and pipe riding during ride breaks.  I’m totally fine with it since I’m hitting features I never would have dreamed of last year and I’m ollie’ing onto boxes now!

However with the lack of snow we’ve gotten, you can start to see the wear and tear on the mountain especially in the mini park where the brown is coming out.  Today we had a crew of people riding together, Dylan, Claire, Philip, Sonny, some other guy and myself lapping the parks & pipes up.

Last month when I broke my small camera at the Dew Tour, I knew it was time to step up and get another Casio except this time the high speed Casio Exilim which shoots 30 frames per second.  I’ve been playing with it and finally took all 30 frames to make an image of Philip on the flat down box today.


To be frank, Steamboat is a tree/powder kind of mountain.  The park is finally something worth showing off and major improvements from previous years.  We finally launched our park & pipe webpage and you know you are doing a good job when people (who live here) start filming the park sessions.

Philip on the rainbow box

Tonight Bruizzapalooza begins so stay tuned for those updates this weekend!

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