Your Input: SIA Videos

20 Jan, 2010

Over the summer I invested in a Canon Vixia High-Definition Camcorder so that during SIA I could get High-Definition focus on Todd Richards or whoever else stepped in front of the camera.  Now that SIA is just a week away, I want to ask you specifically to name one product you’d like to see in a short video.

Example from last year’s SIA

The best part about this is I don’t have to be the one in front of the camera (just ask the guys about that experience) and it gives you a video on one of your favorite products.  Just remember I can’t ask everyone to introduce every product so leave a comment with your favorite product you’d like to see.

Also if you have any great ideas for this new camcorder, I always love to hear input and if I use your idea, you get a box of goodies in the mail.

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  1. January 20, 2010

    Perhaps, you should interview Suzanne Akin. Owner of Akinz. She just released some way rad hoodie dresses for her line. Plus we are going to be at SIA on Saturday. Just checking things out. We should hook up.

  2. January 20, 2010

    Are you planning to cover the “apres SIA” events? I think the parties would prove for some interesting footage and I’m sure you’ll bump into cool folks…

  3. Fes
    January 20, 2010

    Ask Jeremy Jones (if he’s around) or one of the Jones crew about the premiere Jones Snowboard line of sticks. 🙂

  4. TK
    January 20, 2010

    BATALEON please…
    Specifically, the Goliath, Riot, or Airobic.

  5. ph1l
    January 20, 2010

    the new ride boards and the new prorize rocker. also id like to see the new toestrap of the ride bindings and the salomon boots from this year

  6. Brek Leines
    January 20, 2010

    Capita SBOD!!!! and some of the new union the contact pro or one of the other new union models!

  7. jb
    January 20, 2010

    I am soooooooo interviewing you on camera..

  8. sketchy c
    January 20, 2010

    technineeeeeee. Check out all that new MFM Lucas Magoon Bradshaw gear. there steeze is oozing from their new stuff. also maybe a little “special cover” of the yucky charms winged backs.

    i love goodies in the mail by the way

  9. sketchy c
    January 20, 2010

    also and new NIKE gear i would LOVE to see

  10. Pam
    January 20, 2010

    Capita…saturnia. Union binders. Rome. Arbor…new boards.

    And how about we get to see some intro to park videos, Shay style. I like learning new stuff with someone who is at your level. That way you can share the pain and triumph together…and then hit the bar. Sometimes going with a big group is good and it pushes you, but everyone has their pace.

    I might be asking a lot, but videos of your on-snow demos? Just a few things…Featured Demos.

  11. Won-Ton
    January 20, 2010

    You should find riders and interview them about the specifics of the board they ride and why. Also what input they had with it’s design

  12. Ethan
    January 20, 2010


  13. Daniel O
    January 20, 2010

    capita, bond and union for shure!

  14. WakeboardSTL
    January 20, 2010

    I would like to see the inside scoop on capita and union.

    One of the ideas I came up with for our site is a new feature called “iride. ilive. iamwakeboarding.” Maybe it would be interesting to see from some of the industry insiders/pros, etc. what snowboarding means to them, why they snowboard and what they contribute to snowboarding to spread the stoke that is snowboarding. Email me if you’re interested to hear more.

  15. tsnow
    January 20, 2010

    definatly check out the stepchild booth, so many new board next year from them, try and get the low down on what each board brings to the table

  16. clyde
    January 20, 2010

    yea for sure stepchild!!! specifically the new wittlake board and also the whalecock

  17. January 20, 2010

    Awesome recommendations! They are all added to the list and the extra ideas, I really appreciate! I’m going to think them over and get back to you, if I end up using them.

    Devin, the magazines cover the parties quite nicely since they have the best access to them. I generally tend to skip out or attend them for a short period since I find the products the most crucial part of the show for me. I will be attending a couple events so we’ll see and I’ll definitely write about them. Parties are interesting footage but I like to keep some things hidden from everyone, haha.

    JB…trust me you don’t want to. I stand there smile and laugh a lot during it and it’s awkward. I’m a goof on camera.

    Pam, the on-snows will definitely have footage and I really want to involve more review footage but as a one-woman show it’s tough for me to get help. I will try my best and I love the park sessions…I’ll work on that. I have an idea coming up for park that I want to do so stay tuned on that.

    Wake, that’s a rad feature on your site! I’ll have to check that out!

  18. Brek Leines
    January 21, 2010

    to SKETCHY C

    I just got of the nike boots cause my 32’s failed me. They are super sick. as long as they fit ur feet right of course. good all mountain boots. they feel alot different from 32’s where the boots are somewhat minimalist in the feel while the nike’s feel like they have some substance which is dope! try a pair bro!

  19. timmy
    January 21, 2010

    Check out the n.s. raptor if its comming out next year. And graphics for the legacy-r and sl-r. Please and thanks! Pics are really all I want to see of the legacy-r and sl-r. But if anything new for the raptor let us know! PRETTY PLEASE!

  20. Jon K
    January 21, 2010

    Never Summer fo’ sho’ !

  21. timmy
    January 21, 2010

    I got to thinking….

    Is the raptor the board u were demoing for n.s. not that long ago?

  22. sketchy c
    January 22, 2010

    CHEA!! shay also you should pleassssse check out if there are any pro model boots for NIKE….. like if they went beyond the allmighty Danny Kass. wow i need to get a pair of those puppies. the ones with the flags on the second tounge! too steezy haha

  23. lars
    January 26, 2010

    how about some splitboards, like prior or voile or even jeremy jones’ new spiltboard? and spark r and d splitboardbindings maybe?

  24. January 27, 2010

    Timmy, great question and the answer is yes but I was riding a softer flex version of what’s coming out to the public.