Breckenridge 2/27/10

27 Feb, 2010

I was planning to stay in Steamboat through the weekend but on Thursday Ryan informed me that Burton would be at Breckenridge with 10-11 gear doing a private demo for the day and I could come swing by to try some of the boards.

I ended up driving down to Breckenridge Friday night to hang out with Zac from Hybrid Sessions and his crew.  We ended up partying it out late at Cecilia’s which was a great time but also meant a lack of sleep for the night.  Resort town living, you get used to it.

Showed up at the demo and found Merril who runs the show ready to get me out on gear

I ended up taking out 4 snowboards for the day:  Burton Whammy Bar (Marley Colab), Burton Feelgood Flying V, Burton Lipstick Flying V and Burton Ration.  I rode the Lexa’s with wing and lexa’s regular.  I’ll be putting reviews up on all of the gear.  I think Whammy Bar was the favorite of the day for overall do everything board.

Since a lot of us stayed out late the night before, I spent the morning riding alone but ended up meeting with Tommy O Grady who I know from Twitter and he reads the blog.  When Cecilia’s closed at 2am the night before, a group of us were standing outside and Tommy ended up recognizing me from the blog, so we talked and exchanged numbers so we could ride today.  We met up just in time for him to get on some demos including the Burton Method and Burton Process for the afternoon.

We ended up leaving peak 8 to do some laps on peak 9 to meet with Zac and his crew that were up.  Peak 9 definitely had more my style boxes that were within my range and I was able to hit a bunch of them in the two parks there.

Eventually headed back to peak 8 and took a run through Park Lane with everyone.  Here’s Zac getting a tail tap in.

Tommy and I ended the day in the mini park on Peak 8 and I got this shot of him riding the box.

I didn’t make it down to my truck till 4pm so it was a great day on snow with old friends and new friends.  I ended up making the drive back to Steamboat and took a nap that didn’t end till 1am so definitely needed some extra sleep.  Back in Steamboat today and about to hit up the mountain for some afternoon turns.

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  1. JPT
    March 01, 2010

    Oh man! I have been at Breck since Thursday. Leaving today and conditions were awesome. Took out a NS Premier and fell I’m love. Fast, damp, floats and carves like a champ.

  2. Arryn
    March 05, 2010

    Woo Hoo, Tommy!