Keystone 2/17/10

18 Feb, 2010

This winter has been a easy travel winter with the lack of snow, so the cheaper flights out of Denver are much easier to get on.  Luckily for me I timed it so I could get in some night riding at Keystone on the way to Denver and ride Summit County on the way back from Denver this Sunday.

Once I got to summit, I made some calls to see who was up for night riding and Erin from Atomic was up for riding for the night.  We’ve always hung out at industry demos but have never rode together so it was a good night to get that chance.  Unfortunately we found out the park was closed once we got up and had to find ways to make the freeriding more fun each run we did.

Night riding is one of the things I miss most, it’s so much fun to leave work and hit the snow in the evening when the cold temperatures and darkness limit the number of people on the slopes.  Most of the night riding was like this, fast, blurry and fun crazyness.

Erin is the local Atomic rep so I was able to borrow one of the 10-11 Atomic boards to ride for the night, the Atomic Stasher which is more freeride specific and when we decide to race Olympic Boardercross style down Keystone, it charged!

Erin and I decided to make the mountain our park so we bonked trees/poles and Erin found a stump accidentally to bonk which flipped her over and we think broke her finger.  It swelled up by the gondola and so I snapped a shot of it.

We ended the night shred at 8pm when the mountain closed and I headed to Denver to crash at Dan’s house before flying out to Seattle.  Good night riding session for sure!

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