On-Snow Recap

06 Feb, 2010

What a long week it’s been, SIA and then the on-snow, then the death cough…well I’m finally getting back to blog business and thinking about the on-snow demos, writing the reviews up and getting ready to post them starting next week.

SIA is really the time to see all the products but I always wait till I get to try them out in the element of the snow to determine if I like them or not.  This year the on-snow was only 2 days long which wasn’t enough time, so I only ended up riding a couple boards & bindings each day.

From the two days, here’s what I learned:

-Union steps it up with the new toe straps and continues to be a very popular binding at the demos.  I was able to take out the men’s flite and forces for next year.

-Riding with no-backs is an interesting test, skate feeling and I will say I didn’t hate it.  I can see why some of the signal guys and old school guys rock the no-backs on the mountain.  More to come in  a blog post of course.

-The black snowboard of death is back and better than ever…good to see a revival that is worth reviving and makes it even better than previous years.

-Everytime I ride a stepchild I’m impressed and the Everything Sucks was another fun board that made my day better.

-Women get more C2 technology in Roxy boards and I can see why the Ollie Pop is so popular for women.

-Women’s bindings like the K2 Auto Agogo’s (still a favorite and better toe strap) and Ride Bandita’s (growing on me more and more) offer women super comfortable, lighter weight bindings.

-Biggest surprise of the demos was loving the technine re-enforcer, I’ve had some eh experiences riding technine but I’m back on the boat after riding the re-enforcer and just how it handled the mountain.

-Always a pleasure to end with the Never Summer Evo, mid way through the demo on day 2 I just wanted to ride a board that I knew I would enjoy without worrying about the ride…the evo is that board for me and it was like coming home.

-Rocked the Dragon goggles during the demos and Pashley hooked it up with some lenses that say Kevin on them.  Stoked for the new gogs!

I’m still sick with the death cough so I’m taking the weekend off from riding to rest up and catch up on some blog work when I feel better.  The reviews will start trickling in slowly so stay tuned for those!

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  1. CG
    February 07, 2010

    Hey Shay,
    Just wanted to start out by saying the site it friggin’ AWESOME! Love the reviews and blogs. But I digress, did you have a chance to check out the K2 Fastplant with the “Bambooyah” (bamboo) core? I saw it in the 2011 K2 catalog on Snowboarding Forum and became intrigued by the idea and the alleged 5 year warranty! Let me know if you got any info!

  2. kimchi
    February 07, 2010

    Looking forward to the BSOD review. I’m liking FK sofar, but I don’t know that they current have a board that suits my flex preference for everyday riding. BSOD definitely looks like it has some potential.

  3. February 07, 2010

    CG, thanks so much! I did check out the Fastplant and ride it at the on-snow, review coming soon and definitely one of the favorite’s from the demos.

    Kimchi, BSOD is definitely that charging board it used to be and now continues to be even more.

  4. Andrew
    February 09, 2010

    What’s it like riding w/o highbacks? Any harder or easier to turn? How much does it effect your riding, board flex, etc.?

  5. chad
    February 09, 2010

    Hey CG – I got a chance to ride the fastplant 154 at the demo days and placed it in my top three! It just felt comfortable and fun to ride. Seemed to have lots of pop – definitely on the softer side but still stable when charging. I wanted to ride it all day but had to get it back…

  6. February 10, 2010

    Andrew, it’s really loose feeling like skateboarding is the best way to describe it. I was still able to make turns and ride, didn’t affect my riding too much other than learning to ride without using the highback to get response.

    Chad, awesome on the fastplant in your top 3! It was in my top 5 I’d say…good ride and yeah wish I could have spent more time on it.