Share your crew snowboard giveaway!

08 Feb, 2010

They say there are no friends of powder days but some of my personal best days of snowboarding have been shared with friends regardless of powder, groomers or ice.  Having friends on the mountain can make your tricks more dialed, your laughs louder and your chairlift rides much more fun.  They bring out the best of who we are and sometimes they come and go through our lives, but who we ride with makes us who we are as riders.
To celebrate our snowboard crews, those friends we spend countless days on the mountain with…I want to hear about your snowboard crew and how they make you a better snowboarder.  I’m going to have two winners, one male and one female and you’ll each win a sierra crew snowboard!

All you have to do is leave a comment (make sure to have your name, sex, correct email address in the comment) that explains how your crew makes you a better snowboarder.  Please put in a comment by Friday, February 12th and I’ll announce a winner on Monday, February 15th.

I’m going to have some of my crew of friends help determine the winner of this contest since that’s what friends are for, to help me pick winners sometimes 🙂

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  1. Robbie
    February 08, 2010

    can an Israeli crew enter? 🙂

  2. February 08, 2010

    Anyone around the world is welcome to enter 🙂

  3. Mike
    February 08, 2010

    Mike Payne, Male, Of all the things I enjoy (fishing, hiking, mountain biking, dirtbikes and snowboarding), snowboarding is my favorite. I look forward to opening day and find last weekend festivities bitter sweet. I grew up with sisters, which is OK, but a man needs brothers! My younger brother is 15 years younger and my brother in law is a couple years younger but much more athletic (and an old skate rat). Before I started inviting my family snowboarding, I was content to just cruise the mountain with my wife and kids. Now I drag my tired, 40 year old rear out of bed early and drive 2.5 hours to Copper Mountain every chance I get, just to keep ahead of my younger, more athletic and talented brothers (and of course, to cruise around with my wife and kids, sorry honey). My youngest brother has a natural ability in the steeps, so I kill myself on black mogul runs just to keep an adge on him. My other brother (the skate rat) has a natural ability for hitting it in the park. So I’m the only 40 year old guy in the park learning rails jumps and pipe. Its basic sibling rivalry which has forced me to man up and learn front side 180s, board slides and I’m inches from clearing the top of the super pipe for the first time. If I break a board or a hip, its OK, cuz I dared to go steeper, faster, higher and more radical than my brothers. Cheers!

  4. Mark
    February 08, 2010

    My crew makes me a better snowboarder because I have to rider faster and harder than all of them so they don’t smoke all of my weed.

  5. doriux
    February 08, 2010

    Dora Urnieziute, female, My crew is quite small, but close and all our bigger snow trips or vacations inludes the three of us, no matter what, no matter how many people are going- our triplet is a constant. It consists of me, my brother Vykintas and my boyfriend Mantas. We’ve all tried snowboarding the same year some 5 years ago. So, we had the same level at the beginning but soon found what part of snowboarding we like more than the other, it was and still is the thing that pushes us. We’re all different: I enjoy jumps more than jibbing and especially rails, my boyfriend preffers rails to any boxes or jums and my brother enjoys nice and fast cruising down various slopes, doing flat tricks and simply riding halfpipe with 180s. Being all different, but riding together is the thing that gets all of us to try the things we wouldnt be doing much if we were riding alone. I get to ride loads of rails (and thats why I got to win local comps, cause many of the other girls are scared of rails), big boxes and go fast at them, cause my boyfriend gives me loads of good tips and encourages me to do that. My brother makes me charge fast and learn to ride switch, and use a slope for fun things cause that is easy for him. And I encourage guys to jump stuff, cause after all if a girl can do it :D… My brother would never go into the park, but he does, cause I and Mantas do and he’s starting to have pleasure in jumping kickers. And Mantas wouldnt be doing that much of speed boarding if not for Vykintas. And this winter we’ve finally got to ride real powder and all enjoyed that, so I suppose that will be one more thing which we’ll get to push each other at. And besides that I know that I can trust them from helping me fi my gear to never leaving me behind or getting help fast. I’m glad that I have these guys, cause without them I wouldnt be riding, progressing or having fun that much.

  6. sketchy c
    February 08, 2010

    Charlie, male,

    Shay if your talkin about shreddin crews that make you better?? you gotsta see the one im ridin with… or about to be riding with. i cant hit mt werner quite yet cause the screw i just recently had installed in my foot. but living in a house-o-shredders its NUTS!! everyone is hoping i can come slashin wit them reeeeel soon. when i get up on the mountain, everyone knows that im jus gonna be takin it easy, and they are way down with just takin some cruisin runs with me. nice and easy, laughin, messin around, taking those much needed stops in the trees for a…… “safety meeting” haha u know whats up. All im tryin to say is that when im able to get up there in a few weeks, all my crew will stick by me. They all know that i aint hittin no downrails anytime soon, so they will all help me get my strength back on some groomers.

    c’mon crew, help a cripple out


  7. cody clark male
    February 08, 2010

    my crew is the shit,its like always between 4-12 people always mobbin around, im not the best rider, but riding with my friends is definetly helping me improve my riding ability, they push me to do stuff i normally wouldnt weather its dropping a bigger cliff or hitting a bigger down rail,and if i fall on it my crew is right thre to help me get back up and get after it again. its not about how big you can go or how steezy your trick is, with my crew its all about havin fun, sure its nice to do a 360 off a jump but if you want to straight air it, thats cool to, with us it doesnt matter, its all about riding to ride, not riding to get sponsered,and whoever said no friends on a pow day must have been crazy,thats when its the most fun, spraying each other and what not, but ya im stoked on my crew! if i when great, if not its still all good, cause you will still see me cruising around with the crew!

  8. February 08, 2010

    Wisconsin..not the greatest place to live, but most certainly not the worst. Usually when winter rolls around most people here start getting depressed and sad and then lock themselves away in their homes, secluding themselves from world unless they are forced to brave the conditions. Then there are the few, the few that when that first crisp fall air hits their cheeks, find themselves overwhelmed with an ever building anticipation of whats to come. My crew and I fall into the later category. And with that anticipation comes desperation, a desire to find any source of shred we can, because in these parts the resorts are late bloomers (not operating until well into the winter weeks) this desire usually ends up with a couple of guys and sometimes the girls(only few are as die hard as us 😛 ) packing all their crap up into a vehicle and two and hitting the road heading north or northwest. We just drive, ya know, shooting the..well poop, hitting random restaurants, rest stops, and other various “attractions”, encounters with officers of the law in escanba..because they think its a good idea to have ONE stoplight hanging from a wire in the MIDDLE of the intersection that is so high up its practically out of your field of vision…but enough of that. Anyways, So we’d drive and drive and drive and sleep(usually in vehicles by a lake somewhere) if we had to, or just felt like having a shindig at some random hotel(min. requirements being Bar, Pool, and hot tub of course). Sometimes we’d find snow, sometimes we wouldn’t. Sure the times we found snow were always better, whether it be finding a place that was open or just taking off onto some land somewhere with a sick run we’d spot from the road, every trip and I mean EVERY trip was a blast and well worth the events that may have unfolded during the course of them. I’m sure your getting my point here, it’s really all about the memories. Those memories are what matter, those are the lasting moments that always seem to keep popping in your head. The ones that no matter your mood, can always crack that smile. No matter your age, they can make you feel like a child again. The bonds you build, the friendships that become stronger, the feeling of sheer commodore. All of it’s just LOVE! And really whats more important in life then love…..yea I got nothing either.

  9. Ben England
    February 08, 2010

    I beleive snowboarding is about being with your crew. No matter how good you or your crew is. Riding by yourself is at times needed but riding with your friends only gets you that much more amped to snowboard to the best of your ability. your crew is your own coach on the mountain, they will tell you what looks good and what you need to work on to make your trick that much better. A crew member will never make you feel bad about eating shit or not being the best in the group. Everyone feeds off eachother to create there own style of riding.
    My group is made up of four people. Heather, molly, jerome and myself. We go riding as much as possible and ride everything together. When we go out there is nothing to worry about but snowboarding. School, problems at home, not getting any ladies ect.. this just doesnt matter when we are on the hill together, all that matters is having the best time that we can. We do somtimes disagree on what to ride because im always the one who wants to ride park and they want to go shred some groomers. instead of splitting the group we ride a few laps in the park and then head up to get grab some turns. My crew is my family on the mountain, i wouldnt leave them hangin and they wont leave me.
    Jerome and I push eachother to the limit in the park. Everyday we are working on at least one new trick. if its as simple as a back three or as hard as cab double corks we are there to encourage eachother. I want him to become a better rider as much as i want to be better because in the end i will feed of his style and make mine better. and vice versa.
    Bottom line is without a crew you wont have as much fun on the mountain, and your riding will not improve as drastically. I wouldnt go a day without my crew by my side. We are best friends for life because of snowboarding and i hope we are a crew till the day we die…
    Ben England

  10. February 08, 2010

    Hey Shay, me and my friends here in Whistler all met on the hill, yes we are park rats but we always have a good time. We’re all about 25 now and we’ve been together since we were 19-20.. Several of us made it big (not me, but i just do it for fun) and that’s because we film alot together, party together, some of us work together, so naturally our passion of snowboarding has made us better. Check out our site,
    Cheers Shay!

  11. February 08, 2010

    I have a small core snowboard crew consisting of me and my best friend zachary. It usually grows by a few people once we get on the mountain and meet with random friends but often its just me and zachary. I can hold my own on a snowboard but I’m far from being as good as the rest of the people we ride with and I think that works out great for me.

    The size of my balls and the shit that I am willing to try fluctuates depending on what my crew is doing. My local park built a sweet elbow rail and it scares the hell out of my like most rails do. After seeing zachary bust it out and eat shit hard I figured what the hell, jumped on it and ate shit hard too. It wasn’t that bad though so I kept at it and was able to 50/50 to front boardslide it by days end! Pretty much the high point of my jib career and it was because of my friends.

    Just as important to me is the feedback my crew gives. How a move feels and how a move looks are often different beasts. Theres nothing like throwing a 360 grab (first time for me). feeling stoked just about doing a new trick then having a homie who just blasted a rodeo 7 tell me how dope my 3 looked! That stuff gets me pumped for the next run and makes me want to throw down harder, then I do and I’m pretty sure that’s how you become a better shredder! To me a lot of improving and trying new tricks is in your head and riding with other people helps me get over what is in my head (images of injury) and get on with throwing down!

    -Spread the Shred-

  12. Annie Nguyen (Female)
    February 08, 2010

    While I first fell in love with snowboarding over on the “Ice Coast” during college, it wasn’t until I moved back to California that I really started progressing and I definitely have to thank my little bro (Van) for that. While the rest of our friends and riding buddies would only sometimes join us and sometimes flake out at the last minute, Van was there for me every trip, every run, and every (embarrassing) spill. It didn’t matter how many times he had to ride up and down bunny hill with me or that we had to drive a collective 8-10 hours for a single day trip to Tahoe, because with his patience and support I was finally able to “conquer” -by which of course I mean “able to get down without killing myself”- my first black diamond last season, and the best part of that was that he was there to share the moment with me!

    But most of all, it was late last season when I realized how much I really appreciate riding with him. On our second run of the last day of the season at Squaw I took a nasty spill and ended up tearing my ACL (3rd degree btw, it wasn’t pretty : [ ). Even though I repeatably told him to enjoy the last day of the season with the rest of our friends, my little brother hung out with me in the hospital wing for the rest of the day and kept me company. It was definitely more fun to have him there : ]

    Even after the initial injury my little bro was there for me without hesitation, from driving me to doctor’s appointments, to staying with me through my ACL reconstruction surgery, to even taking me to Sierra Snowboards while on my crutches so I could at least look at the snowboards : ) Although I’m pretty much out for this entire season, my physical therapist said that it’s looking more and more like I’ll at least be able to get a few runs on the mountain in April, so you can bet that me and my little bro will be back on the mountain as soon as I’m physically able! I couldn’t ask for a better riding partner-in-crime, but most of all, I couldn’t ask for a better brother! I’m definitely proud to be a part of a crew with him!

  13. Mac Cunningham
    February 08, 2010

    Without my friends there wouldn’t be snowboarding wouldn’t be the same
    Our crew is inseparable and make the sport i love so much what it is
    When one of us stomps a trick we all do
    When one of us gets hurt we all get hurt
    When one of us laughs we all laugh
    When one of throws down we all throw down
    A day with my friends makes an icy day better than a pow day, my friends make a backyard sesh better than shredding at a week at windells.

    People Take snowboarding to serious to bad we cant take anything serious

    Snowboards is about having fun with your friends each day on the hill
    Our posse keeps that alive

    -Mac Cunningham

  14. dan coppa
    February 08, 2010

    Growing up in southeast Michigan you learn that winters are either hit or miss. Some years the snow is great and then there are years like this where I sit in my room wondering if we are going to have more then 2 inches of snow. One thing I have learned to count on though is that when the snow hits that my crew and I are going to be ready to get the boards out and go shred. My crew consists of 4 guys that all grew up together but picked up snowboarding at different points in their life. I was the first guy to start snowboarding at around 12 years old. My parents being the occasional skiers would take me to the hill a couple times a year and after being on skis for a couple years I finally forced my parents to let me snowboard. I went snowboarding around 6 or 7 times my first year and every time I got home I would go to my best friend Derek’s house and tell him how much I love snowboarding and how he has to try it. After about 5 months of Derek begging his parents to let him snowboard they finally caved in and bought him his first snowboard for Christmas. I remember that Christmas waking up and loving all my gifts but when I called Derek later that day the greatest present I got all day was knowing that my best friend had a snowboard and that we could finally go snowboarding together. That year was one of the greatest years of my life. My middle school had a ski club that went every Friday to the closest ski hill and so when Derek and I heard about it we knew we had to convince our parents to let us join the club. My parents being the loving parents they are instantly said yes but Derek’s parents on the other hand took a little convincing but in the end they said yes. Derek being the natural athlete he is learned how to snowboard so quick I figured that he had to of gone before and never told me. This was great for me though because being a 13 year old kid that is just super excited to be out on the snow having to wait around on the bunny hill trying to help someone learn how to snowboard would have killed me. By Derek’s third time down the bunny hill I remember him coming up to me and saying this run is to slow. Its funny because this is how Derek is now; no matter how steep the run is once we all finally catch up with him at the bottom he still says these runs are to slow. For the next couple years Derek and I would do anything we could to try and snowboard. There were many years that we would try and build a drop in ramp with a couple of little jumps and maybe a rail in my backyard but Michigan weather being what it is often times once we would finally get something built the sun would come out and we would never get to ride what we had made but that never stopped us from trying to make something the next year. Not until I turned 16 did either one of us ever get to go snowboarding more then that once a week with the ski club. When I did finally turn 16 that was the year that the crew finally jumped up to its full crew. That year my parents bought me my first car, which was an old mini van, which was perfect because you can pile, tons of boards, and boots into a mini van and still be comfortable. But that year was when Derek and I finally convinced our other 2 good friends to finally come out and snowboard with us. It was not easy because growing up we all played hockey together and it is hard for a parent who pays tons of money every month to say ok im going to let my kid try this sport that he could go out and break his leg and then his hockey season is done and all that money I just spent is out the door. But after a few months of talking to by friends parents my other 2 best friends Jon and Justin were finally allowed to come snowboarding with Derek and me. The first day we all went out I remember gathering up all of my used boards boots and bindings and trying to figure out if Jon or Justin could us any of it. Luckily enough they fit into some of my older equipment and we were finally all together on the hill. Jon was another quick learner and on his first day was the crazy kid going off the jumps and being ok even if he just completely ate shit. Justin on the other hand did not learn so quick but still loved every minute of being on the hill. I remember watching Justin take some crazy spills and just popping right back up to just fall down again. On his first day Justin fell so hard that he actually broke his nose but that did not keep him from wanting to ride. That year we went boarding as much as we possibly could. we skipped around 15 days of school to go to the hill and board. That was also the first year we went on a full snowboard trip. Even though we did not leave the state we made the 5 hour drive up north to Nubs Nob and boarded there for a nice long weekend. That first year is the first year that I learned what it was like to be pushed to ride better. After watching jon and Justin take some of the biggest falls I had ever seen I knew that I had to push myself. That year was the year I finally made my move into the park and knew I had to learn some tricks because being the guy who started snowboarding first I didn’t want to be shown up by these guys who had just started. Now every year when that first snow storm hits we all know that we need to get to the hill. No matter what we have going that day every thing is put on hold to go ride. We all push each other to ride harder weither it is Derek pushing me to ride fatser almost out of necessity to keep up with him or its jon who almost forces me to throw my body off of another huge jump because he did it so I have to be able to do it or if its Justin who now has become an amazing rail rider and even though I have been riding longer can out jib me any day. No matter what happens I know that my crew will always be there to help with anything even if its not about snowboarding. Unfortunately this is going to be my final season with my crew for a couple years and with Michigan weather being so crappy we have not been able to ride as much as we would like. But I know when I get back from college out in Colorado in a couple my crew will be here and will still be pushing me to become a better rider.

    Dan coppa

  15. snowvols
    February 08, 2010

    Well there are a few of us from Tennessee that love to shred. We love playing on the local hill even though it has two runs. We love pushing and laughing at one another. This year we finally got park features so that has been fun getting better at. Having friends push you always makes progression faster. We always are up for road trips. Last year we went West three times and twice by car. The car trips were more spur of the moment then followed by about 20 hours or so to the Rockies. Always good stories when you spend nearly a solid day driving. I have made memories from those two trips alone I will never forget. While we might not be the best we always enjoy a beer at the bottom and go over who fell the hardest.

  16. Heather Flatt
    February 08, 2010

    You wake up bright and early and peek out the window to see champagne powder and hop out of bed with glee… no matter what crazy adventure occurred the night before. You know that it is worth it, because up on the mountain where your soul can fly free the pristine mountain offers epic fresh lines that seduce you. As you ride up the lift, you see the shadows of your crew down below on the snow …the crew that is irreplaceable in every sense. You can feel the adrenaline pumping through each other’s veins, ready to tear up the untouched powder lying in the trees.
    My crew is the perfect crew because it consists of two guys, Ben and Jerome, and two girls – my roommate Molly and I. It is the perfect ratio, because between the guys pumping us up to ride park and try new tricks and Molly inspiring me to ride better, faster, and more intense, we create the perfect allies on the mountain. We all inspire each other in different ways. I have never seen anyone that can throw down as hard as Ben, and when you ride with him you can see the true passion in his eyes. Jerome is from Europe and without his distinct, blunt personality and smooth riding skills our crew would be missing an essential piece. The new addition to our crew Molly truly completes the mountain experience, and without her I would be lacking another girl to throw down with! I know in the future when I think about this season next year from wherever I may end up in this large world, I will always think of my crew in Steamboat and the unforgettable memories we experienced up on the place I am madly in love with – the mountain. It does not matter what mountain we ride as we travel throughout the scenic peaks throughout Colorado – each and every day we go (which is basically every single day we possibly can squeeze into our busy college schedules), we expand and grow into better riders.
    There are no words that can describe the emotional aspect of ridin’ down the mountain watching your best friends push the boundaries to the limit while enjoying every single second of this fortunate dream that people all over the world wish they were experiencing. When people talk about “living the dream”, my crew is experiencing the dream every second of every day and LOVING IT!!! Tomorrow when we all call each other bright and early and drag each other out of our comfy, warm beds I will watch our crew experience the beauty that the mountain has to offer each of us as we travel as a pack wherever the wind may take us. No matter what our worries and troubles consist of in our day to day lives, the mountain relieves us of any stresses or worries that might be occurring in our lives, and there is definitely NO such thing as a bad day when you are ridin’ with your crew. There is nothing in the world that can even compare to the breathtaking views and moments that my crew has experienced together, and I know that it is those precious moments that make life worth living.

  17. Eli
    February 08, 2010

    Eli Hays, Male,
    Even though I really do riding alone at times, I love to ride with my crew. They make everything a lot more fun. The car ride there is always a blast- If its a five minute drive or a day trip to Summit, we’re always fun, listening to great music and dancing like goofballs and making jokes with each other. But then when we get to the mountain we always have a blast taking laps. We don’t really ever pressure each other to do crazy tricks, which is great when one of us busts out a crazy sweet trick. Thats when all of us get real hyped and stoked to ride with each other. And the chair rides are always a blast- things like quoting snowboard movies is always a sure way to laugh if we’re riding a six-chair, or if we’re on double chairs we’ll spend it trying to plan our spring break by shouting from chair to chair… Finally, I don’t know what I would have done when I broke my leg a few weeks ago, if it wasn’t for my friends…

  18. freddy
    February 09, 2010

    My friends make my day on the mountain better just because theyre there. Why wouldnt you want to spend an epic day that you wont ever get back with anyone else but your friends?

    Its just sick. I get stoked just thinking about riding with my bros.

  19. mariesa
    February 09, 2010

    My crew is two. I ride with my best friend. Before last year, neither of us had gotten on a board in almost 6 years. Snowboarding had once been a huge part of each of our lives and for similar reasons, we both drifted apart from what we really love to do. Silly as it sounds, we each gave up our passion for what we thought was a reasonble substitute…..a relationship with another person who did not share our love of snowboarding. Once our respective relationships ended, together, we decided to end our stupidity, and get back on the mountain and wreck shop. At 31 (me) and 35 (him), it wasn’t the easiest thing to do (I was suddenly reminded my body was not made of rubber), but we did it together.

    Unfortunately, my best friend suffered a torn ACL last season, leaving me to ride alone. I found myself on the slopes kind of lost without my friend. While i do enjoy riding alone here and there, you can’t compare it to riding with someone who enjoys snowboarding as much as you do. Be it laughing together on the lift, falling together in powder, or killing it in the park together, riding with your crew makes snowboarding that much more enjoyable.

    Thankfully, this year, he’s back. and every weekend we are out there killing it. We balance each other out…he’s got me to tell him to take it easy until his knee is back at 100% and i’ve got him to push me to go bigger and ride harder. Without each other, we would not have made it back on the moutain. And without one another, we may not have come to our collective senses to get back on our boards and do what we do best and love most, RIDE. So, yeah, my crew is two, but without him or it, I probably wouldn’t have gotten back on my board.

  20. Susannah
    February 09, 2010

    My crew is my family. I’m a 42 year old mom in Colorado and I ride about 50 days a year. My 13 year old son, Sam, is also a shredder. I taught him how to ride a couple of years ago. Last year he had his first true powder day and it rocked his world. Ever since then he can’t get enough riding, and he definitely prefers the steeps, trees, and powder over the park. That works for me, because I love that stuff too. Every time we ride I am amazed at how much Sam is progressing, and now he is pushing me to ride faster and harder. Mostly I love how my crew clues me in. Sam introduced me to riding with music and loaded some shredding music on my ipod. I’m loving the White Stripes, and I hooked him up with Matis Yahu. We were on the chairlift the other day listening to tunes and Sam said, “I really love Muse.” I said, “I love music too.” He almost fell off the chair laughing and explained that Muse is the name of a band and not slang for “music.” Classic. It’s so awesome that Sam and I can spend time together snowboarding now because I know in just a few years he’ll be moving on, as he should. I also have a 10 year old daughter, Anna. She’s part of our crew as well, but right now she’s a skier. I got her some cool twin tips this year so she could shred with us. Oh yea, if we win the snowboard I’m giving it to Sam. I just got a Never Summer SLR which I love. Sam’s riding my old Burton Troop, which is actually a women’s board but he doesn’t know that. He’s going to figure it out some day soon though. Thanks!

  21. Mike
    February 09, 2010

    My crew has definately gotten smaller in the past few years, although I still ride with a bunch of them, most who still get out have reverted back to skiing. But I now ride with a the best crewman in the world, not only does he make me ride better but he also makes me a better person. He’s only 3 1/2 but is already hooked. Caught his first bit of air a couple of weeks ago, not even really sure he got off the ground but I told him it was huge, last weekend he stepped up and 50/50 the log jib in the backyard (I was holding his hands of course). Can’t imagine riding with any other crew now, well except for the addition of his little brother in a couple of years.

  22. tooscoops (mike and male)
    February 09, 2010

    my crew… it is always accepting applications and there is no criteria to apply.

    the key member of my crew would be my wife. met her through snowboarding and it will remain one of our loves besides each other. besides that, a young “park rat” who is a decade younger, an instructor who lives and breathes the sport, and we occasionally throw in a few beginners, a few close friends and a few who are just there for the fun aspect or to help drink a beer or two after.

    all of the members of our crew are open to trying new things. that is what makes us work. whether its park laps, hiking some avalanche prone chutes, finding new ways to carve or seeing who can be first to the bottom. each of us are at an ability where we can ride on most any part of a hill or mountain and each of us has strengths that push the others to try things that are a little out of their comfort zone.

    it could be the younguns desire to try something and having no fear of falling that pushes me to attempt to hit some features that i swore i would never attempt… it could be my wife’s desire to get some fresh tracks through some knee deep in the trees that keeps me out for that next hour… it can be the instructors amazing enthusiasm for his ‘motorcycle turns’ that makes me NEED to try them. even any new people that we bring to the sport, we make them welcome and take that time to remember when we started. that love for learning and sheer ecstasy of knowing you can now conquor the mountain. each member brings something to the group as a whole.

    though the crew will not always be able to ride together, whenever they aren’t with me and i’m out there… i find myself trying those rails… those turns… those runs that might give me some bragging rights and earn me that apres beer. they are a crew that are always present, even on a day where i am the only one anyone can see.

  23. David
    February 09, 2010

    David Nguyen, Male,
    I am a young kid at only 15 years old, but i already understand the importance and benefits of a tightly bonded crew. My small crew consists of me along with 3 of my closest friends. To me, they are a support group, a motivator, and a 24/7 bunch of fun. I remember when i first began to snowboard about 2 or 3 years ago. i went alone to avoid the laughing eyes of my friends. I would fall on my ass every few feet, and it was obvious that i was not a natural. After my first season, all i really knew was a sore ass and a bunch of snow under all my clothes. Fast forwarding to the beginning of the 09/10 season. My friends asked me to go snowboarding with them, and i politely refused. However, during a sleepover i was told we were going to a cabin to hang out for the weekend. I did not expect the weekend to include 3 8-hour sessions at snow valley. 😀 All my friends have snowboarded for a while, so they had to wait for me while i stood nervously in line to get my rentals. After i got my stuff, i finally admitted that i have only been snowboarding once, and i hated it since i sucked at it. To my suprise, they did not laugh or mock me, but they encouraged me to learn. I was going up the lift in good spirits, following them around klnowing that i can use that day to learn. The only problem was, their definition of learning was taking me up to a partly black diamond / intermediate run and leaving me up there to get down. I WAS TERRIFIED. they quickly zipped down the slope, and i was alone. That moment, i realized this was all for me to learn, and i had to take advantage. 35 minutes later, i ended up at the bottom of the hill, completely soaked from falling ALOT. but then seeing them down there just made me laugh, and we ended up doing this run about 8 or 9 more times throughout the day. By the end of the day, i would be able to ride down this slope falling only 5 or 6 times , compared to falling about 20 or 30 times . 😀 throughout this season, we came back to the slopes about 5 or 6 more times, each time i excitedly and impatiently waited in the rental line to get to the top of the hill. In the end, i realized that my crew would always do what was best for me, not only in snowboarding, but throughout life as well. Even if it is leaving me scared shitless at the top of a hill !

  24. Andy Goldfarb
    February 09, 2010


    In southwest Ohio there isn’t much powder, or a killer park that close (other than mad river) so when you sometimes get that feeling that your stuck snowboarding in Ohio when everywhere else is getting dumped on with feet of fresh powder my crew is there to make what we have that much more fun. When i’m riding with my crew that “ugh were in Ohio” feeling goes away and we have fun all over our hill no matter what the conditions. We ride park together and push each other past our barriers to learn new tricks. At our mountain, oops…hill,since there aren’t that many kids that park no matter whose there you have someone to ride but my main crew makes riding in ohio worth it.

  25. Adam
    February 10, 2010

    My crew is the best period. I ride mostly with a guy named Dom. We’re both average riders starting to get into tricks more. This past year, we’ve only riden with other crews that were much better riders than us. Ensuring that we keep pushing our limits of comfort. This year alone, i’ve mastered riding switch, jumping and landing fakie. Mastered 1’s and 3’s. Grabs. Buttering the mountain like crazy too. Starting pipe and rails now. I’ve consistently upped my game for the sake of going out riding with frendz. My crew is the best, cuz they make everybody riding with them much better. It also helps that we never stop laughing together.

  26. Kristen
    February 10, 2010

    Kristen Strub, Female,

    Hi Shay, awesome question. My crew is admittedly small. I ride mostly with my boyfriend of a year and a half. I’ve been riding for three years and started out quite timid. What can I say, I’m old and can’t afford to get hurt! My boyfriend’s been riding for about thirteen years and is pretty much fearless. Hehe at least he talks like it. Mostly I ride groomers in the midwest, so nothing too intimidating. He pushed me last year to go down my first black. I’m not sure what I was afraid of since I’m a decent rider. Last winter, we went out to Whistler. Awesome time in the end. The first day sucked though. We went up to the peak and I was terrible. I felt way out of my element. He kept pushing me that week though. And by the end I felt like I could tackle almost anything. We recently went up to a pretty big resort by midwest standards. I rode my first double black with complete ease. I was finally able to handle powder (not with perfection, but with no fear nonetheless). I even made my first attempts at a real jump. Hehe, it was ugly. But I probably wouldn’t have tried if he wasn’t by my side. Maybe I’m just saying this because Valentine’s Day is approaching, but I love my crew!

  27. Alex
    February 10, 2010

    Alex, male,

    Being in Michigan you get to know the locals on the hill. I also know many people from competing. So, my crew consists of the same people I ride against in competition. When we ride we all feed off each other’s energy, everyone is just trying to one-up each other. It’s like “Okay, if he could do that, than I can do this.” By the end of the day the level of riding is so high that we just try our bests to get each other to land their trick. With my crew also being my competitors they also pressure me to try stuff I normally wouldn’t, so that I can beat them in competition. Within my crew we coach each other on how to do tricks and we usually learn a couple new tricks each day. My crew is much more than just friends.

  28. February 10, 2010

    I love reading these people’s stories, shows how much people really love the sport. I forgot to write my e-mail and gender in my post., and I’m male and…

  29. Deciblast
    February 10, 2010


    I choose my crew wisely. I like riding with people that will look out for you or wait for you going through sketchy terrain. I have friends that charge but without worry about consequences of their actions. I’d rather ride slower and easier terrain with people that I can trust so that I can be safe in the backcountry and tree areas where avalanche terrain exists. My crew mostly rides Sierra and Heavenly. We slay both the park and the powder depending on conditions. We film each other and help each other out when we’re stumbling on progression. We usually end up at the pub at the end of the day to talk about how the day was and then go back to the cabin to make dinner and sit in the hot tub.

    Snowboarding is fun, but even better with a crew to share the stoke with.

  30. Bug Stroope
    February 10, 2010

    What a great topic to talk about, thanks for the contest. As for my crew, we roll deep and look out for each so closely, that “family” is the justifying word. I started riding in 1998 when I moved with some of my hometown boys to Brian Head, UT. The sport was new to me, but what really got me hooked was how much fun I was having with my friends. We were all so stoked on snowboarding and the whole lifestyle that encompasses it. The next season we moved to Steamboat with some more friends joining us and meeting more once we arrived. From rallying like packs of wolves through Shadows on a pow day to putting back PBR’s while we had a wax session, these were the people I wanted to surround myself with for the rest of my life. Friends can come and go, but when you share the passion of riding and the common goal of progression, you come so close together. I watched everyone get better and was just as stoked for my homie sticking his trick as I was for myself. That’s when you are truly a “crew”, when you take care of your own and truly love to see them progress. The next step for me was getting my crew to competitions and that’s when I created TEAM INSECTICO in 1999. The goal was to sell t-shirts and hoodies to make enough money to sponsor my friends and it well for a few years. We had many good times on the road and it was amazing watching everyone achieve their goals. Most of us filtered down to Durango, CO were the crew grew and stayed strong. As we have become older, married, and even parents nothing has changed. We stay strong and regroup as much as possible. I owe everything that I have gotten out of snowboarding to my friends, without them, I would have not accomplished what I have in the sport. When I think of my crew I hear laughs after tree runs, I smell wax and beer, and I see smiles on faces. They mean the world to me. This is my first season back in the Boat since 2003 and today I was riding with a new crew member off of Pony to Fish Creek Falls. I couldn’t help but think back and remember some of the lines I had rallied almost 10 years ago and the memories I will always have. The legacy of snowboarding with good friends is something I will pass down to my son proudly. To see our crew and some pics of the past check out Team Insectio on facebook. Again, thanks for the contest and your website.
    Bug Stroope

  31. Lauren
    February 11, 2010

    Lauren, Female,
    I’m from Australia and still fairly new – Only been boarding properly for one season and eagerly awaiting winter again! My crew is normally just me, my boyfriend and one or two of his mates. None of my friends are remotely interested in the snow.

    I love boarding with these guys – They are much, much better than me but don’t leave me behind. They rib me enough to make me determined to catch up, but not enough that I get disheartened or try things that would be dangerous. They don’t care that they have to wait for a girl (Or at least they are very good at pretending!) and are so much fun on the lifts and on the skitube. I’m sure I’m going to get hammered with snowballs first day out as revenge for winning the snowball fight last year :]

    I knocked myself out last year – on the first day of a week long trip. My boy came home with me and pandered to my every whim – Movies, popcorn… And didn’t whinge once about having to miss our long planned week at the snow.

    I love my crew. They are what makes boarding worthwhile. They challenge me to improve while keeping me safe. We all look out for each other – I think there is a type of camaraderie you get on the snow that you don’t get anywhere else. I can’t wait for many seasons to come boarding with these great mates.

  32. burritosandsnow
    February 11, 2010


    My crew is small, about half a dozen, and even then its hard to get us all together at one time. My crew is the group of guys (and two girls) that push my riding. They are the ones that tell me I can when I think I cant. They are the ones that give me first runs in the back country when I made the bootpack. They are the ones I trust with my life and they trust me with theirs. My crew are the ones that stand by without saying a word when Im doubled over after a brutal fall. They dont say anything they are just there and thats all I need. They are the ones that share knowing smiles with me when the fall weather starts to set in. They leave me voicemails like ” Hey man I had to turn on the heater this morning soon well be riding!” They are the ones that make me come to the mountain when the “snow is crap” or when ” the lights too flat” because all those excuses fly out the window when we are together. Hi-fives, Yeah dudes, and big smiles .. thats my crew. But most importantly my crew is my group of friends that know its always better to start a story with ” remember the time we” instead of “once I”.

  33. kristin
    February 12, 2010

    Kristin, Female,

    Hm. What to say about my crew. Well, we ride a small Ice Coast resort in PA, and needless to say, I am by far the worst rider haha. But, I would be far, far worse than I am now if it wasn’t for the awesome crew I ride with. Right now we are working really hard to set up a Park & Pipe team to represent our hill(to call it a mountain would be a bit of a stretch), but it’s moving kind of slowly due to lack of funding and recognition. The kids in my crew are out there day in and day out, digging out features in the park and making it the best park at this resort in memorable history. They work so hard, ride with the cats at night, and get out there and dig some more the next morning without even being paid for it. My crew works hard just because we love our hill and we love our sport. We ride bruised, broken and beat, but there is never a day without at least a few of us out there throwing down. The crew definately makes me a better snowboarder, no doubt. This is only my second season, and last season I could barely even carve my turns. These kids push me so hard to keep up with them, both freeriding and in the park, that this season I am easily carving my turns, and I just learned to backside the flatbox. Conquering that flatbox was a huge thing for me, since last time I tried it at the end of last season, I fell and smashed my face on it really hard, and my fear of it has gotten the best of me until just a few weeks ago. I know I couldn’t have done it without the crew, and especially without the other girls in our crew who really throw down and represent the women in the local comps, and win. These girls really inspire me to get over my horrible anxiety and get out there and try to compete, even though I may not win, just to help to encourage some of the other female riders out there to enter and compete with the boys. All the funny stories, all the best memories, and all the things that no one else would understand, these are what make our crew what it is – even if there is a little drama thrown in here and there (as the Whitetail turns baby!), this is where I fit in, finally. I want to be on the hill with my crew all day, everyday. So much so that I am the proud new owner of a goggle tan line! Like I say, I have no life outside of the mountain life, and I kind of love it.

  34. February 12, 2010

    Since my amp level really depends on the people I ride with, I’m picky about who I ride with. Throughout the years, I’ve filtered out people that woke up too late, who wait a lot, and most important, I’ve filtered all the people who are all talk, no substance. The crew I now ride with rides hard and pushes 110%, because:

    A=(nR x E)

    Where A=Amp Level, nR=Number of Riders, E=Energy)

    The energy of my crew radiates the amp level. Whenever there are riders better than me, I like to push. Progression feels good. When we all push each other, it becomes a dream team. It’s all about keeping a maximum energy level. It becomes a science. We’ve even planned out the best time for lunch breaks where the crowds are minimal. So we ride on empty slopes while everyone is taking their lunch break. That is what a good crew is all about.

  35. February 12, 2010

    Thanks everyone for submitting to the contest…it’s been awesome reading them as they come in. Look for the winner announcement on Monday!

  36. smalls
    February 15, 2010

    my crew….let me tell you….my crew is epic. my crew makes everyday worth riding. my crew has every essentail piece. the park rat, the smooth criminal, the rookie and the one who rides it likes it stolen. the one who rides it likes it stolen, shes up at the ass crack of the morning, buggin the crew to get outta bed, the park rat pushin everyone to the limits because he knows we all have in us, the smooth criminal making every trick look like butter and the rookie inspiring us all. were a pack. if you look out the window of the gondie you know were together. when we roll through the park, you know were togther. Our instincts are one and on a powder day we dont have to talk. we trust each other and when we look back were right behind each other. a day on the mountain without my crew is just another day in the count but a day on the mountain with my crew is a day for any record book.