SIA 2010 Highlights

03 Feb, 2010

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the move to Denver for the SIA Snow Show but soon found out that regardless of location, the fun and products would always be there (except with less smoke).  SIA in Denver was another great time at the trade show, I was able to meet a ton of people and see people I’ve gotten to know through this site.  The response to was amazing that I’m still blown away by how lucky I am.

I have over 1,000 photos to go through from the SIA 2010 tradeshow and each company will have their own post as I put up photos.  It’ll be great to sit down and really check out each catalog to see the new exciting things for 2010-2011.

  • Meeting Jeremy Jones in person was one of the best highlights of the show, he’s done tremendous things for snowboarding and his new Jones snowboard line gives freeriding a revival in snowboarding.  It was rad that he also knew of (I was stunned) and had great things to say about this site.
  • Hanging out with the YES Snowboard Crew.  I met DCP at a bbq at his house in September and being able to talk more with them, hang out and just watch them having fun is exactly what snowboarding needs from a company.  The YES snowboard booth was the most fun and I got interviewed by DCP in the booth, which was hilarious.
  • Putting faces to names was a personal highlight, a lot of these people I’ve emailed with but being able to be in person talking with them is always better.  Everyone was really receptive to which was great.
  • The parties!  The move to Denver certainly didn’t mean a lack of parties for SIA.  I found that every night there was always something fun to attend and I definitely liked the Riders Poll Awards and Rza show the best!
  • Seeing the Future Snowboarding Magazine crew reunite.  We were at the Riders Poll and I was talking with Justin Cobb when all of a sudden there was a couple other guys on hand who all happened to be the Future crew.  The energy around them was fun to see as they laughed and chatted it up about the good ole days.
  • Sharing a cab with Travis Parker.  Seriously the funniest thing ever and so random that we all got in the same cab together.  From Robotfood to Bike Car, I’ve admired his riding and the fun he brought to snowboarding.  He was the nicest guy to talk to.
  • Going straight to the on-snow I was apprehensive about since SIA is a tiring 4 days and 2 days of hard snowboarding afterwards continues with the tiring factor.  Luckily for me, the show was great and the on-snow was even better being able to ride with people like Brad Steward, Trent Bush, Eric Luthardt and Gorio Bustamante.

Unfortunately I’m getting sick but I’ll be updating the site with product posts and reviews soon!

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  1. JP
    February 03, 2010

    Tell us everything you can about Jones boards. I was going to pick up another board now that sales have started but once I saw the Jones Flagship I am officially waiting until next season for another board.

  2. February 03, 2010

    Great recap Shay! I wish I could have been there.

    Seconding the request to hear/see more about Jones’ Boards. Really excited.

  3. hanh
    February 04, 2010

    dude shay, again jealous…. travis p is my hero…i hear they are gonna film something robot food esque this up coming season…. the air team or some of the old rf guys… pierre wikberg = pure genius

  4. February 04, 2010

    JP, Jones is coming up!

    Vancity, great times for sure!

    Hanh, I’ve heard that too…will be great to see what comes of it.

  5. Jon
    February 08, 2010

    I know Pierre is going to launch a website with Eddie wall and upload videos throughout the year.

    Launching later this month.