SIA 2010 On-Snow Demo: Day 1

02 Feb, 2010

Normally there’s a bit of a gap between SIA and the on-snow but this year they held the on-snow for Colorado in conjunction with the show so it was directly following the 4 days of busyness.  I made my way up on Sunday with Joey to Winter Park where we would be staying slopeside in a condo with some of the Never Summer crew.

Sunday night I was finally able to rest up and get a good night’s sleep before the on-snow began.  Conditions for the day were overcast with flat light and really hardpacked groomers with some icy spots.

Brandbase’s Trent Bush getting his carve on

Erik from YES Snowboard and myself on the chairlift

Laura Hadar was on hand and showing off how to eat a hot dog for the camera crew

I ended up riding a couple boards and here’s the list:  Capita Black Snowboard of Death with Union Flite bindings, K2 Fastplant with K2 Auto Agogo bindings, Salomon Pop Star with Celest bindings (?), YES’s great men of history board with Union flite bindings, Stepchild Everything Sucks with Ride Bandita bindings.  For softgoods, I tried out Dragon goggles for the day and loved them, so Pashley let me take them home with lenses.

I missed out on Dragon at SIA but snapped some shots of the upcoming line during the demos

Dan Scherman and Mike Olson from Lib Tech going old school

Chris Englesman from Snowboarder Magazine and myself catching up on the events

I was able to make a couple laps with the Salomon/Bonfire staff including Brad Steward, it was definitely fun to get out and ride with people who love snowboarding.  Brad also rips!

Despite the tiredness and sickness coming in, I had a great day on the slopes and was able to check out a couple boards that will be reviewed soon.

Monday night there were a couple parties around Winter Park by Capita, Technine and Anon.  We tried to make it into the Capita party but arrived too late, so ended up at Anon’s party where I was able to run into two of my 2009 Industry Profile Interviews, Gabe L’ Heureux and Jered Garrison

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  1. February 02, 2010

    Hell yeah Shannon!! Dragon Rogues are the way to go… I freakin love mine!! I’m a Dragon or Die homie! How was the Ollie Pop by the way? I thought I saw somewhere you rode one, maybe on twitter?

  2. February 02, 2010

    Can’t wait to hear about how the revamped Black Snowboard of Death rode and turned. I want that board so bad.

  3. Josh
    February 02, 2010

    Looking forward to the everything sucks review.

  4. Robbie
    February 03, 2010

    I have the 09-10 BDI, which is AWESOME!
    can’t wait to read the review for the new BSOD FK, will get it next year FOR SURE!

  5. February 04, 2010

    Lauren, ollie pop was good, easy progressive board that could ride anywhere. Definitely see why it’s the most popular women’s board in their line.

    Tyson, ooh just you wait…it’s like wine.

    Josh, the everything sucks blew me away, last board of the day in the worst conditions and the most fun.

    Robbie, hehe it’s very good.