SIA 2010 On-Snow Demo: Day 2

02 Feb, 2010

Tuesday was the final and last day of the on snow session but luckily blue skies arrived for a fun day outside to ride some new decks.  Despite the sickness starting to impact me, I made it up for most of the day to get my shred on.

Today’s boards were Roxy Ollie Pop c2 with rome strut bindings, Rome Garage Rocker with Rome 390’s, Technine Re-enforcer with Technine Elements bindings, Never Summer Evo with Union Forces, Smokin PYT with Union Forces.

Justin from Solstice Supply was on hand to check out some boards, we’d never met but talked through email.

A shot of me at the demos

Gorio from evo charging the mountain on one of the new Jones Snowboards

Ryan Fantau from Burton in the park

Trent from Brandbase and I had a discussion yesterday about riding with no-backs (no highbacks) and I had heard of other industry people (Signal Snowboards) riding without them as well.  I ended up taking a couple runs with Trent and took off the highbacks to get a feel for what these guys are talking about.  It was definitely the most interesting runs of the day and can’t wait to blog about it.

I ended up calling a day around 2pm when I could tell that me being tired and sick was starting to get to me.  Luckily it was an hour and a half drive home to my comfy bed for a nap and hopefully some time to feel better soon.

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  1. JT
    February 03, 2010

    Awesome, I’m excited to hear your review/feedback of the nobacks.. It’s definitely an interesting theory. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. stefan
    February 04, 2010

    no highback gotta try that.

  3. CS
    April 05, 2010

    I rode my unions w/o highbacks after talking to my buddy at Signal. I was surprised that it wasn’t that different. Now i have a lighter board and a more skatey feel. Butters and shifties are nicer cause I’m not forced to have forward lean so much (boots still have it of course).

  4. April 08, 2010

    CS, awesome you tried it too! I’ve been meaning to do a write up about it, just need to take my highbacks off to do it again. Boots definitely are built better and can handle riding without them but totally crazy feeling to try out.

  5. Marcus
    April 12, 2010

    Last week I rode 4 days straight without highbacks. I can honestly say that I will never use highbacks again. WOW!