Steamboat 2/12/10

12 Feb, 2010

Steamboat finally received new snow and I finally felt better to get up on the mountain to enjoy it.  Friday was the perfect day to get in some tree riding before the crowds came in for President’s Weekend.  My co-worker Rochelle and I both hit the mountain to get in our turns on a ride break.

We headed over to the Wally World area which is popular for tourists and luckily most tourists don’t ride the trees so you can always find goodies in there after most of the more popular tree spots are tracked out.

At SIA, Tanya from Omatic hooked me up with a Extr-eco BS Technology to enjoy for the rest of the season and I finally got to see how BS Technology held up in powder.  I’ve been riding the 154cm and was quite impressed with how it handled in the trees and powder…cut through and stayed above in the deeper stuff plus really easier to get from edge to edge in the trees.

Rochelle found some good powder spots and some great crashes as well.

It felt great to be back in the trees and with more of a base the trees are safer to ride in without worrying about what’s underneath your board.

After a couple runs it was time to head back to work and for both of us, get back to feeling better after shredding.

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