Steamboat 2/9/10

09 Feb, 2010

Normally I take a couple days off after SIA to just relax but this year I took a couple days off to get over a bad cold that came my way.  I’ve been fighting a fever and cough most of the week but snowboarding was calling my name and what better way to fight a fever than be outside in the cold (yeah that’s what I told myself).

It was a beautiful day in Steamboat, bluebird skies and even though it was colder temperatures outside I needed to feel a snowboard under the legs again so I headed out for a midday ride break by myself.  It was perfect for pipe and park but definitely not feeling 100% made it so I didn’t stay out too long on my break.

I didn’t come prepared, leaving the camera inside and so I took a couple shots from my camera phone (which really sucks on photos I’ve realized).  I tried out my new Dragon Rogue’s that Pashley hooked me up with and new lenses that support Kevin Pearce, pretty rad Dragon did that.

I didn’t play for long, my lungs were hurting from this cough and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get another day out on the mountain in beautiful weather.

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  1. dank
    February 11, 2010

    feel better.