686 Outerwear 2010-2011

03 Mar, 2010

Each year 686 consistently offers a fun collection of outerwear from bright bold statements to the subtle color choices.  They understand that technology needs to be combined with quality and bring that to their collection year after year.  This year the collection continues with their signature lines: Smarty, Plexus, Mannual and the new Reserved.  The Reserved line brings out fashion forward designs with a tailored fit that works on and off the mountain.

For limited edition apparel, the Snaggletooth series is back with junior and senior, Louie Vito is awarded his own signature collection and Suicidal Tendencies are honored with a collection that pays tribute to rocking out in style.

686 continues to collaborate with Levi’s and New Balance, bringing a variety of outerwear, footwear and accessories to the line.  The New Balance boots now feature BOA Technology as an option.

Kristin  and Mike talking 686 at the booth

686 Men’s Jackets in various colors

L-R:  686 M-65 Jacket in Taupe Denim, Grant Softshell Jacket in red mountaineer plaid, Council Jacket in red plaid, Phantom Jacket in Black Flight Print

686 Beta Jacket

Features:  20,000mm/15,000gm, fully taped seams, water-resistant front asymmetrical zipper, water-resistant zippered chest pocket, engineered fabric grain line placement, mesh upper body lining.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Black Stripe Texture, Acid Stripe Texture (seen here)

686 Theory Softshell Jacket on left

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, interior seams with clean binding-finish, underarm vents, ribbed cuffs with thumbhole, partially ribbed hem.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Black, Grey (seen here)

686 Smarty 2.5 Complete Ply Jacket on right

Features:  20,000mm/15,000gm, 80g polyfill insulated smarty liner vest and fleece smarty liner jacket included, welded garment construction with fully taped seams, recco advanced rescue technology, removable powder skirt, water-resistant zipper chest vent/pocket.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Flame Hex Print (seen here), Royal Hex Print, Black

686 Surge Softshell Jacket on left

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, interior seams with clean binding-finish, underarm vents.  Sizes:  S-XXL

Colors:  Black Pulse Print, Cyan Pulse Print, White Pulse Print (seen here)

686 Source Jacket on right

Features:  8,000mm/5,000mm, critically taped seams, color-blocked body with piping accents, mesh upper body lining.  Sizes:  XS-XL

Colors:  Kelly (seen here), Gunmetal, Red, White

686 Surge Softshell Jacket in Cyan Pulse Print

686 Verse Shell Jacket

Features:  5,000mm/5,000gm, critically taped seams, mesh upper body lining, piping accents.  Sizes:  XS-XL

Colors:  Acid, Black, Flame (seen here), Cyan

686 Smarty Chart Jacket

Features:  15,000mm/10,000 gm, fleece smarty liner jacket, fully taped seams, hidden chest pocket, zippered chest vent, hide-away powder skirt and accent panels.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Royal Dobby (seen here), Black Dobby, Grey Dobby

686 Snaggletooth Senior Jacket (Limited Edition)

Features:10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, mesh upper body lining, powder skirt, underarm vents, surprise stash pocket, custom artwork applique, color-blocked body.  Sizes:  S-XL

Color:  Acid Colorblock (seen here)

686 Limited Edition Snaggletooth Junior Jacket (on right)

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, mesh upper body lining, powder skirt, underarm vents, custom artwork applique, stripe color-blocked body.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Red Colorblock (seen here)

686 Limited Edition LV Signature Jacket

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, striped ribbing at hem sides, chest pocket with hidden IPOD pouch, hidden stash pass pocket, contrast stitching and bar-tack accents.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Black Slub (seen here)

Up Close look at LV Signature on Jacket

686 Limited Edition Suicidal Tendencies Jacket

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, dual chest pockets, metal hand pocket zippers, original Suicidal Tendencies artwork hits used throughout garment.  Sizes:  M-XL

Colors:  Black (seen here)

Up close look a Suicidal hits

686 Levi’s Softshell Jacket on left

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, interior seams with clean binding-finish, underarm vents, water-resistant zippered chest vent, zippered chest pocket.  Sizes:  S-XL

Colors:  Black Herringbone Denim, Lava Pocket Print (seen here)

686 Levi’s Type 1 Insulated Jacket (Women’s) on right

Features:  15,000mm/10,000mm, fully taped seams, 80g body insulation, sherpa under body lining, quilted sleeve lining, detachable faux fur hood trim, removable powder skirt, underarm vents, sleeve cargo pocket.  Sizes:  XS-L

Colors:  White Herringbone Denim, Red Herringbone Denim (seen here)

686xNew Balance Collection

For the second season, 686 has partnered with New Balance to deliver a collection of outerwear, footwear and accessories.

686xNew Balance 580 Boot (left) and 686xNew Balance boot with BOA

686xNew Balance 790 Boot

686 Quartz Insulated Jacket (Women’s) on left

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, 120g body insulation, sherpa lined collar and upper back body panel.  Sizes S-L

Colors:  Plum Mosaic Print, White Mosaic Print (seen here), Iris Mosiac Print

686 Class Down Jacket (Women’s) on right

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, 300g fillpower 70/30 down/ feather, button adjustable waistband, engineered body quilting, removable powder skirt, detachable faux fur hood trim.  Sizes:  SX-L

Colors:  Plum Linen (seen here), Black Plaid

Variety of women’s jackets on bottom row

Women’s Jackets

Left Mannequin:  686 Honor Insulated Jacket and 686 Prelude Insulated Pants

Right Mannequin:  686 Tala Poly-Quilt Jacket and unknown on pants

686 Honor Insulated Jacket (Women’s)

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, full taped seams, 100g body insulation, powder skirt, underarm vents, self-elasticized cuffs and hem, detachable faux fur hood trim, zippered sleeve pocket.

Colors:  Sky Herringbone Denim, Tangerine Herringbone Denim (seen here), Iris Herringbone Denim, Lt. Grey Herringbone Denim, Black Herringbone Denim.

686 Prelude Insulated Pant (Women’s)

Features:  10,000mm/8,000gm, critically taped seams, 40g body insulation, thigh cargo pocket, direct-connect to ballad jacket.  Sizes:  XS-L

Colors:  White Yarn Dye Plaid, Red Yarn Dye Plaid, Black, Black, Yarn Dye Plaid, Plum Yarn Dye Plaid (seen here).

686 Tala Poly-Quilt Jacket (Women’s)

Features:  5,000mm/5,000gm, 200g quilted body insulation, button adjustable and solid color ways with multi-colored quilting. Sizes:  XS-L

Colors:  Orchid Argyle Print (seen here), Gunmetal Argyle Print, Black, Magenta, Powder, White.

686 Youth Collection

Paul Frank Collection

686 Accessories

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  1. burritosandsnow
    March 03, 2010

    I slept on 686 stuff for years but then grabbed some when I worked at Dogfunk. Its really become one of my favorite brands. So well made and always a line up that includes a good clean basic look that I prefer. A question about the boots.. this past season both their models seemed fairly stiff are these traditional laced ones that youve shown here a tad softer?

  2. March 04, 2010

    Agreed with burritosandsnow. I love that their lines are so clean and basic. Very good quality too. I also had slept on their stuff, but they are now my favorite brand to look at / purchase.

  3. timmy
    March 08, 2010

    They ever making dress shirts again? My last one got written off at the dry cleaners

  4. Martin
    April 23, 2012

    Help me to buy this jacket!!!
    I could not buy it anywhere!
    686 Limited Edition Suicidal Tendencies Jacket