Automaton Snowboards 2010-2011

13 Mar, 2010

Automaton may not have had a booth at SIA but they are ready for the 10-11 season with their continuous motto of snowboarding saves lives and continuing on making boards that stay true to themselves.  The focus continues to be the snowboards and making them fun freestyle boards for the mountain.

For 10-11 Automaton continues to bring out the “betterness” in their board line with a simple approach to making snowboards:  proven construction, top materials, easy, predictable flexes and two fun freestyle boards to choose from.

Automaton Babble Snowboard

Features:  Nearly true twin shape (noses are 1cm longer than tails), wide stances centered on the effective edge, radial sidecut, medium-soft flexes, simple predictable flexes.  Artist:  Eve Duhamel and photo work by Simon Duhamel.

Sizes:  144, 149, 156

Automaton Manimal Snowboard

Features:  True twin shape, stances are wide and centered, radial sidecut, soft flexes for maximum sensitivity and easy of use, less sidecut means high speed stability and smoother landings.  Artist:  Alex Funderburk.

Sizes:  151, 154, 158

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