Binding Review: 10-11 Rome 390 BOSS

27 Mar, 2010

Location: Winter Park, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked snow conditions that softened up during the day with bluebird skies.

Setup: I rode the Rome 390 Boss’s with the Rome Garage Rocker snowboard with my Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Time to set up the binding: We did adjust the canting to moderate canting so it took a little longer than average to set up but didn’t take long. The bindings were quick to adjust and set up for my boots.

Fit: Despite the rome 390’s being a men’s binding, they fit the width of my Vans boots just fine and the highback didn’t cause any pressure or calf issues with my boots. I noticed some space in the heelcup with my boots but nothing to worry about.  I could have adjusted the toe strap to be better since it was definitely pushing it on the size but with the design of the toe strap it snugged my boot that I didn’t need to worry about being on the small end for that binding.

First Impression: I didn’t think the 390’s could get any better but they just did.

Appearance: Just like the struts I tried, I really like the blue color of the 390 Boss’s.  The design is sleek and they intermix a flash of white on the left binding but keeping the right binding blue.

Comfort: Ever since I stepped on 390’s years ago to try them out, they’ve been about comfort on the mountain.  Super padded comfort in the baseplate to the ankle straps that just pads your foot when riding.  The VROD baseplate really quiets any vibrations from the snow and I definitely had some bumpy spots where it saved me from feeling it.  Sometimes the natural flex gives you too much snow feeling but the Vrod didn’t feel that way.  Canting is something that I don’t feel I need but it’s a added bonus when I do ride it, gives a more natural angle feel to riding.

Functionality: The 390 Boss’s continue to be a very functional bindings, easy to adjust the forward lean and tool-free strap adjustment on both the ankle and toe straps.  New this year is the Vrod baseplate which is a rocker design baseplate that gives you a smoother natural board flex and increased side to side freedom and increased power toe to heel.  It’s a very functional binding in it’s all-mountain ride everywhere adaptability, it can handle the park but you can also take it freeriding.

Flex: Most of the stiffer flex of the binding is in the highback, the side to side flex is more forgiving and softer than the heelside flex of the binding.  There was some room for forgiveness with the binding and wasn’t too overbearing on my size 8 women’s boots or riding.  In terms of the VROD baseplate and flex, I found that it helped with a better connection to the board but not the too much connection that other bindings might have.  You still feel like your riding a binding on top of a board and there’s good dampening/absorption to give you a enjoyable ride.

Response: The 390 and 390 Boss get the new 390 Asym highback which gives you support and response but not overly done.  It’s a good balance for the mountain, when you start to transfer into a heelside or toeside turn it helps give you power into that turn.  I really noticed it on heelside turns where I could just hold the heelside carve and power into it.

Toe Strap: The 390 Boss’s continue with the conformist 2 toe strap, which means you can rock it either cap strap or regular.  I rocked it over the toe and found the comformist doing what it does best, conforming to my boot and keeping me locked in.  It’s supportive and didn’t give me any pressure points on the boots.

Overall Impression: The legacy of the 390’s is about a solid freestyle binding but one that can handle the entire mountain and with the new tech they definitely added to the legacy by making it that much better.  The new cant system gives you a range of options from maximum to zero and the asymetric system adds to your natural alignment with the highbacks.  The new VROD baseplate has some added advantages, I found it helped for Overall they’ve improved the classic 390’s and if you want canted the boss’s give that extra option.

Shay’s Honesty Box: My size 8’s were on the smaller end for the 390’s but it still gave me a good feeling on how they’d ride but I definitely would love to try the madisons with the VROD but unfortunately they don’t have the asym or canting so it’s a tough choice.  The 390’s definitely won me over and while the madisons would be a better fit, the 390’s have too much good stuff to pass up…how come the men get all the good stuff?

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the Rome 390 BOSS or shop their full line of Rome snowboard bindings

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Rome 390 Boss Description

Review Disclosure: I rode this binding at a demo day.

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  1. Kimchi
    March 27, 2010

    Rad. You happen to know if the baseplate cant will be on any version of the Targa? And what exactly is the rocker baseplate? Conceptually and just eyeballing, it looks like something similar to Forum’s Good Vibes baesplate?

  2. A. Nony Mouse
    March 28, 2010

    oh look, k2 bought rome

  3. Ca-Pow
    March 28, 2010

    Are they heavy feeling…like the targas? Compared to Shaka are they more responsive?

  4. Jeremy
    September 10, 2010

    Is there any major different between the Rome 390 and Rome 390 Boss?

  5. Ben Rupp
    March 27, 2011

    I just bought these to replace my Union Datas, and they live up to everything I expected. With my datas I was never really able to get them dialed in so they were truely comfortable, half way through the day they start to hurt my feet, especially when hitting kickers. The 390’s took a few minutes with a screw driver to get dialed in….but now they are amazingly comfortable… super plush and cushy…but still pleanty responsive. My only complaint with these bindings and Rome bindings in general is that I wear a size 9 boot, which falls directly between their two sizes…the S/M are too small and the L/XL or barely small enough…luckily they are VERY adjustable, so I was able to get them dialed in. Solid bindings, well except for the flaking paint… buy them. I have some Union Team Datas for sale now.

    Per usual…great review Shay.

  6. Stefan Gavrilescu
    September 30, 2011

    I own a pair of the normal 390s, and they feel a bit (maybe it’s just me) heavy. Also, the paint on the highback started peel off a bit, and that’s a bit annoying seeing it’s a premium binding.
    I also have a lot of positive things to say.
    They are comfy and responsive, the design is wack, and the straps hold your boot snuggled in. Overall I am very satisfied I bought them. They look sick on my banana.

  7. Jess
    February 16, 2012

    Hey Shay – thanks for all the great reviews. Binding question for ya – I have the Madisons and I love how they ride, but after a few days on the mtn they are not fitting great with my size 11 boot – I had a shop modify the toe strap to be longer but even when I crank it super tight it slips on my boot. I live in AZ so it’s hard to find them to try on so I end up ordering online. I used to ride some Burton Cartels from a friend but the highbacks dug into my calves (painful riding!) which is why I went with a women’s binding. I’m wondering how the 390’s highback is or if you can recommend any men’s bindings that have a reasonable highback for women to ride. Thanks!

  8. February 16, 2012

    Jess, thanks! Wow size 11, would not have thought those would fit into the madisons but rad you tried it. Cartels are a pretty stiff, burly men’s binding so could understand the calves hurting from them.

    Are there any shops in AZ that you could bring your boots to so you can compare the boots to the highback? The 390’s might work but hard to say. K2 bindings like the formula’s might work as well. Just tough to know until you compare the highback height to your boot.