Forum 2010-2011

23 Mar, 2010

Forum Snowboards doesn’t hide who they are and with a heavy freestyle focus on riding they continue to build freestyle boards and let the other companies that freeride build freeride boards.  Their style is very clear in their well-done snowboard videos each year and is shaped by their freestyle personality driven team of riders who make the whole mountain a terrain park.  The end result is their motto, “we live forum” and they continue to in 10-11 with their range of products for the snow.

New for 10-11, in addition to the chillydog continuous rocker forum is offering the combo platter on a variety of boards.  The combo platter is the same pop, edge grip and stable landing platform as camber, now combined with a forgiving and playful side of rocker.  They’ve also added booter boosters which is increased energy return in the nose and tail, swingers club which is shaved cores that save weight to help spin faster and float through powder and stiffer tails for power in high speeds and slashing.  Women also get their own chillydog this year customed to women riders with a slightly lower rocker height and a softer core profile between the feet to accommodate female riders specifically.

Forum Contract (Sex, drugs, rock & roll theme)

Features:  Forum’s board specifically for urban riding features new pop camber, twin shape, new bad ass core, new bad ass glass laminate, new 0-60 base, beveled bad ass edges.  Flex=3

Sizes:  146, 148, 150, 152

Forum Destroyer

Features:  The destroyer continues to be the most sought-after board for gnarly park riding and features camber profile, twin shape, gnarLE core, light triax laminate, formula base, new booter boosters and swingers club.  Flex = 5

Sizes:  148, 152, 154, 154W, 156, 156W, 158, 158W

Forum From the Honeypot

Features:  A powerful and forgiving park machine featuring rocker and camber, new combo platter, twin shape, gnar core, freebase, swingers club, new buttercup.

Sizes:  151, 154, 157

Forum Scallywag

Features:  The scallywag continues to give shredders massive ollie pop with their Chillydog with pop, twin shape, popular core, biax laminate, freebase, swingers club.  Flex=4

Sizes:  151, 155, 158

Forum Manual

Features:  The manual is snappy, predictable  and forgiving for riders trying to join the 100-day club.  Chillydog with pop, twin shape, popular core, biax laminate, freebase, beveled edges.  Flex=3

Sizes:  136, 143, 147, 150, 153, 156, 159

Forum From the Honeypot (left), Forum Scallywag (center), Forum Manual (right)

Forum Youngblood

Features:  A softer true twin board for those up & comers features camber profile, twin shape, gnar core, biax laminate, freebase, swingers club.  Flex=4

Sizes:  148, 152, 152W, 154, 156, 157W

Forum Holy Moly Snowboard

Features: Forum says it’s the best park board in the world and features new combo platter profile, twin shape, new really light core, light triax w/carbon laminate, new really fast base, new buttercup, new booter boosters nextreme, swingers club.  Flex= 5

Sizes:  152, 155, 158

Forum Spinster

Features:  Meant for aggressive girls who want an aggressive freestyle board the spinster features new women’s chillydog, twin shape, gnar core, biax laminate, freebase, swingers club.  Flex=3

Sizes:  144, 146, 148, 150

Forum Bindings

For 10-11, Forum continues with their good vibes motto offering up the hinge disk which allows the board to flex naturally underfoot.  The hinge disk is now available on the Shaka and Republic bindings.  It’s not available for women’s bindings yet which I find unfortunate.

Sorry no close-ups of each binding at this time

Forum Snowboard Boots

Forum offers tweaker technology in their boots which feature a softer medial (inside) flex for styled out presses and contorted grabs, standard toe-to-heel and lateral (outside) support for holding an edge and powering through heavy landings.  It also cants naturally for added comfort in a wider shred stance.  The tweaker technology is in the Forumula and Tramp boots.

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  1. Phil
    March 24, 2010

    Hey Shay,

    Do you know if the Holy Moly is a regular cambered board like Andreas normally rides?

  2. March 24, 2010

    Phil, the Holy Moly is combo platter so it has rocker/camber.

  3. Jacque
    March 25, 2010

    A couple weeks ago I got to demo the Spinster, 146 at a Burton Camp at Stevens…. I fell in love with it!!! Loved how easy it was to turn and had so much fun with it in the park. I strapped onto my GNU BeReal board after 1.5 days of riding the Spinster….ugh. Can’t wait for the Spinster to be available in September!!!

  4. Phil
    April 01, 2010

    PLease!!! stop killer design!!!! Peace and love

  5. Jae
    April 15, 2010

    Waist Width on Holy Moly 155? Thanks!

  6. Stefan
    April 16, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    I was wondering what kind of base technology is combo platter? Is it similar to omatic’s BS tehnology or bataleon’s TBT? What are the differences between forum’s technology and the other two?

  7. Luciano
    May 08, 2010

    The youngblood doesnt have their chillydog rocker this year?

  8. sam
    June 08, 2010

    whats the waist width for the holy moly 158 and the scallywag 158?


  9. shane
    June 28, 2010

    that forum contract looks sooo sick. anyone had a chance to ride it?

  10. Beastman AIDS
    July 05, 2010

    @ Luciano

  11. Beastman AIDS
    July 05, 2010

    @ Luciano

    The Youngblood has Chillydog Rocker with Pop this year.

  12. EERO
    July 15, 2010

    Does the Destroyer not come in chillydog rocker this tear?

  13. EERO
    July 15, 2010


  14. Boaz-b
    September 30, 2010

    Why is there no picture from the Rat?
    I was wondering if anyone rode it so far and tell me a bit about it.

  15. September 30, 2010

    Boaz, those pictures were taken in January 2010 and often times can’t get photos of everything so some shots get left out. Luckily for you the forum 2010-2011 website is live and you can see all the photos/details there

    I haven’t ridden it yet to write up a review but I’ll see what I can do this winter for you.