Park City 3/21/10

21 Mar, 2010

Today’s riding was either going to be at Canyons or Park City but we weren’t sure which one until late last night.  The end result was up to Steph who has been my awesome guide for the shredding and fun in Utah and she picked Park City for today’s riding.  After a good night’s sleep and a stop in Park City for morning bagels and coffee we headed to the mountain for a couple hours of sunshine shredding.

One of the reasons Steph wanted Park City is groomed to perfection which definitely matters when you have no new snow and it can be icy in the am, we got to the mountain just in time for the snow to soften up and to get in those perfect groomer runs.

The first day I got to town, Steph mentioned a Park City instructor Martin who has a shayboarder sticker on his board.  Well the sticker wasn’t a shayboarder one but he does know and read the blog (he’ll get a sticker soon!).  We ended up running into him at Park City while he was teaching snowboarding to students from Hawaii.  It was rad to meet another blog reader and he was very complimentary (thanks Martin!) so I made sure to get a photo of them.

We ended up making our way to the Ridge park which has medium size features and it’s own chairlift.  It rocked!  I did the left side of the jumps which are more roller style but you can air over them and they progressively get bigger, then at the bottom are the boxes and rails which I hit 4 of the features including the rainbow box and dragontail.  It was my first time trying a dragon tail and even though I almost ate it on the landing, I rode out of it!

This 7 year old girl rips and she learned to snowboard this year…no problem charging the jumps and boxes.

Steph on the rainbow box

The day went by quickly and soon it was time to head down so I could make the 5 hour drive to Steamboat in the daylight.  Definitely a fun day on the slopes and great way to end the weekend!

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  1. March 22, 2010

    Hi Shay, great to meet you this weekend. I’m glad you guys hit up PCMR and checked out The Ridge yesterday. Sounds like you had a complete Utah experience….too bad you missed Harry O’s. Next time!

  2. nitsch
    March 22, 2010

    Oh dear, I have no park style….

    Good to see you this weekend, Shay. It was so nice to get out of PC for a bit, but all the riding wore me out. I think I was asleep by 8:30. Hope the drive back was good.

  3. March 23, 2010

    I’m glad you enjoyed PCMR! The Ridge is so much fun. I had the best day out there, stoked you got to share a piece of the fun pie. I’m wish Meisha on Harry O’s. Next time!

  4. MightyDumplings
    March 24, 2010

    Glad you had fun at Park City. The 20 foot jumps on the Kings Crown park (to the left of Payday) stay around till mid June according to my local friend. They really have a boatload of park area there. It is my favorite place to ride.

    Glad you met Martin. He was my instructor one day (a week before you were there actually) and he was awesome. Really improved my riding and gave me a lot to work on. He’s also a very interesting guy. Has done all sorts of pro riding on skateboards and was the sole member of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic snowboard team.

    I didn’t realize Steamboat was only 5 or so hours from PC. Might have to make the drive next time I’m out there.

  5. March 24, 2010

    Hi Shay, it was great to meet you in person. Thanks for all the great work you do, informative, accurate and the best on the web…. well done!Let me know when you come this way again and I’ll show you the secret stashes!