Remind Insoles 2010-2011

09 Mar, 2010

Remind continues to bring custom orthotics to riders around the world, so that less pain is endured on the slopes and more freedom to make your feet comfortable each turn of the day.  Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a crew of riders like Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi and Mark Carter rocking them, Remind Insoles is stepping up their game for 10-11 in the world of custom orthotics.

Remind insoles offers a bio-tech gel insole in two profiles:  Cush 3/16 profile meant for snowboarding with higher cushioning for more impact and Thin Line 1/16 profile for everyday use or skating that offers thinner more feeling in the insole.  They offer insoles for sizes 3-14.5 for men and 5-12.5 for women.  The goal is instant fabrication and an insole that molds to your foot out of the box without needing to visit a doctor.

Here’s a sneak peak at Remind Insoles Collaboration Artist Series that will be coming out in Fall 2010.  I’m personally excited for the names/companies involved in the collab for 10-11, there are some known and not-so-known names but all deserving of recognition.

Remind Insoles:  Collaboration Artist Series

Remind Insoles:  Bryan Iguchi

Remind Insoles:  Ryan Hayworth

Remind Insoles:  Tim Zimmerman

Remind Insoles:  Tim Ramirez

Remind Insoles:  Injured Riders Foundation

Remind Insoles:  Bluebird/Willie McMillon

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  1. Deciblast
    March 09, 2010

    Have you tried the insoles at all? What do you think? Worth it?

  2. Kimchi
    March 09, 2010

    Interesting. Aline claimed T.Rice at the beginning of the season (although their marketing sucks so you’d never know it).

    Just eyeballing them, they basically look like SOLE footbeds with Superfeet-like plastic insert and gel cushion in the heel. I wish their website had more than techy buzzwords. Of course, that pretty goes for every insole website from Superfeet on down.

    Shay, do you ride with Insoles currently? If you get a chance, let me know what you think. I have a pair of Korks I got hooked up with that I like better than any stock insole I’ve tried in the past, but I wish they were lower profile in the forefoot. These look interesting.

  3. Fes
    March 09, 2010

    Rocking three pairs of these in three different pairs of shoes (one of them in my stiff Vans Cirro snowboard boots).

    I will never use Superfeet again. Great buzz words yet big fail on delivery.

    The pressure distribution in these gel based insoles is so much better than any custom orthotics I’ve had in the last 5 years.

  4. March 09, 2010

    Deci, I got some on the way to try out. I’m currently rocking custom insoles from Surefoot (traded a mattress for that gem) and have rocked Superfeet in the past. It’ll be fun to try out Remind’s and also just support a company where I know the people behind it.

    I really want to try the gel based insoles which I haven’t tried yet so that will be good. Interesting to hear everyone’s take on insoles and what you guys rock/don’t like.

    The first thing I do with new snowboard boots is take out the generic ones that come with and put in my own insoles.

  5. March 09, 2010

    Holy spaceships and aliens Remind Insoles might be the most legit creation since the invention of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. It is said, only Wyoming women give birth to real men. That being said if you wanna bump up the standard of your riding, and rip like a 307 local, Remind Insoles are a MUST HAVE. The added board control makes you feel like a god among men. Before you know it you’ll be double-flipping your way to fame. Is this true? You ask. Welp dudes who rip like, Travis Rice, John Rodosky, Willie McMillon, John Makens, and Adam Dowell use em’ so they can’t suck.

    No but really peeps. The added arch support and unbelievably cloudy cushion feeling will honestly do nothing but help your riding ability. The distribution of pressure that you get with the EVA foam is ridiculous. The viscoelastic gel is seriously noticeable when trying to stomp tricks on something a little more high impact than usual. I’ve ridden with a variety of different insoles including Suprefeet and custom insoles from Surefoot and honestly neither of these have given me the support, cushion, or added performance that Remind Insoles have. The product this company is putting fourth is legit.

  6. dan
    March 11, 2010

    I am rocking some remind insoles, and my feet are very happy!