Roxy Snowboards 2010-2011

05 Mar, 2010

Welcome to the world of Roxy, where women rip and design the boards that other women ride. It’s a new generation of riders, designers and a factory known as Mervin Manufacturing that builds them. Roxy caught me by surprise a couple years ago  when I first stepped on a Roxy board and since then, every board I’ve ridden is a breath of fresh air for female snowboarders.

For 10-11 the women get C2 technology in big ways, three models receive reverse camber for a mixture of riding styles from freeriding to park, aggressive to playful. Those models are the eminence, envi and ollie pop. BTX continues on with the Ally and something new in store the silhouette B, Sugar B and Inspire B all feature Banana (without the traction) meant to make learning easier for beginner to intermediate riders linking turns at slower speeds with catch-free riding.

Roxy Eminence C2 BTX and Envi C2 BTX

Roxy Eminence C2 BTX (Torah Bright)

Features:  New C2 BTX and core!  True twin, aggressive freestyle, new columbian gold core, bio plastic beans topsheet, sintered 9900 base, Flex = 5.

Sizes:  143, 146, 149, 152, 155

Roxy Envi C2 BTX

Features:  C2 BTX, Directional twin, all mountain freeride, full envi core, bio plastic beans topsheet, sintered 9900, Flex = 6.

Sizes:  147, 153, 157

Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX

Features:  New C2 BTX, Harmonic Twin – O Pop Shape, Playful park freestyle, New envi Alloy core, Bio plastic beans topsheet, TNT Base, Flex = 4.5.

Sizes:  141, 145, 148, 151, 154

Roxy Ally BTX

Features:  Directional twin, for the progressing all mountain rider, light alloy core, TNT base, Flex = 4.  LN – less narrow waist width’s for 151/155 have a 25.2 waist width.

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 151 LN, 155 LN

Roxy Silhouette B

Features:  New shape and construction, true twin, all mountain intermediate or casual experienced, precision alloy core, CX 2500 base, Flex = 3.

Sizes:  141, 146, 151

Up close look at silhouette graphics

Roxy Inspire B

Features:  New shape and construction, true twin, all mountain freestyle, next generation of rippers, precision stock core, CX 2500 base, Flex = 2.

Sizes:  117, 128, 134, 139

Roxy Sugar B

Features:  New shape and construction, twin, all mountain beginner, precision stock core, CX 2500 base, Flex = 2.

Sizes:  142,  147, 152

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  1. emma
    February 27, 2011

    hi shay,
    i’m fairly new to snowboarding and in need of some help. i just bought the roxy ally, with tnt-base. i’m wondering, what i should do with waxing. how often should i wax it and with what kind of a wax. i’d like to be environment friendly. are “green” waxes any good?

    roxy’s web site (or mervin’s, gnu’s or lib tech’s) didn’t offer any help…

    thanks in advance,

  2. March 01, 2011

    Emma, great question on waxing! I think it’s a good choice to wax the board every couple days of riding. You could definitely go with greener waxes and just pick them per your riding weather conditions. Cold wax on cold days, warm wax for slushy warm conditions and all mountain for a mix. I generally stick with all mountain wax for my personal boards.

  3. January 06, 2013

    Hi there,

    I really love the Roxy Silhouette 2011 board (peacock design) & wondered if you can help advise what size because some people say 141 others say 146.
    I’m just under 5’3 120lbs & US size 7 boot.
    I held a 141 up to me & it comes to the middle of my mouth (I can kiss the top!). The 146 comes to the bridge of my nose.
    I will be riding on piste (no parks at all) & am intermediate/beginner, like speed but not tooooo fast, mainly just a leisurely rider & happy with that as I’m not a daredevil!
    My instructor says this is a good board for me but I’m just confused on size.
    Ps I know it’s an old board but I have located some for sale. Thanks muchly!

    • January 24, 2013

      Hi Amba! So the old way of holding a board up to your chin is not the right way to find a board size. It’s decided more on weight, riding style and experience. Height plays little into board size. Since you aren’t riding parks, weigh 120lbs and are more off-piste, I would definitely go for atleast the 146cm. The 141 is way too small for your weight.