Shay Update: Roadtrip continued…

19 Mar, 2010

Last friday I hit the road, leaving Colorado and planning to hit up 7 states in the process as I drove around visiting friends and family plus some snowboard time in the process.  The result has been a week on the road, over 2,500 miles so far and limited internet access since I left.

The first leg of my journey was driving to Washington in time to hit up the Ride Shakedown Contest at Summit at Snoqualmie.  I arrived just in time for the semi-finals and was able to get on snow, to enjoy the snow conditions and mountain I grew up riding.

After Ride Shakedown I spent Sunday with family in Skykomish and Seattle for some much needed quiet time of relaxation.  Monday morning I got in some blog visits like visiting the Zumiez Headquarters and evo snowboard shop (post coming soon).  Then I hit the road again, this time heading south to Eugene, OR where I’d stay with a friend for the night.

By Tuesday afternoon, I arrived in Northern California where my grandparents live.  I joked upon arriving if there was wi-fi but I knew the dial up connection would be the same.  I spent Tuesday through Thursday enjoying quality time with my grandparents, away from the computer as much as possible.  It was the highlight of the trip, playing cards, sitting in the yard, taking a nap and taking it easy.

Thursday I hit the road again for a long day of driving, managed to stop in Truckee for a break to use the internet and put up one post.  I passed by resorts that I would have loved to ride but I didn’t plan to hit up Tahoe this trip so it’s saved for another time.  I do apologize for not keeping the blog updated this week but it’ll be back to normal this weekend.

I’m now in Utah where I planned to finish the roadtrip with some much needed shred time and chill time in Park City.  Today I’ll be riding Brighton, tomorrow Snowbird and sunday I believe is Canyons or Park City.

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  1. zhangger
    March 20, 2010

    Ahh, missed you when you were here! I was in Whistler that weekend. Epic powder.

  2. March 21, 2010

    Zhangger, I’m sure I’ll be back. I visit seattle a couple times a year.