Snowboard Review: 10-11 Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX

24 Mar, 2010

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked snow conditions that softened up during the day with bluebird skies.

Setup: I rode the Roxy Ollie Pop C2 with Rome Strut bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 154cm.

First Impression: I can see why this board is such a popular women’s board and now with C2 it makes it so your progression is limitless with this ride.

Weight: average

Flex: The ollie pop is softer torsionally and between the feet which makes it really easy turn.  The stiffer flex is where the camber is but that helps give it more stability underfoot and absorb some rougher terrain.  Overall a really easy forgiving flex that can handle freeriding or park.  The ollie pop for 10-11 has C2 BTX which is banana rocker between the inserts and then camber from the feet out, plus magne traction so the serrated edges that help grip the snow.

Turning: I found the ollie pop to be very consistent in it’s turning on the mountain, easy turn was predictable and forgiving to the rider.  I could make short or long turns without feeling like it wanted to get out of it.  The overall sidecut arc held really good in the snow and my own personal preference, the mtx was barely noticeable…never felt too grippy or catchy in how it handled.

Stable: I wish I had ridden the ollie pop previously to compare but the C2 mix of rocker/camber definitely made it more stable than I was expecting it to be.  The ollie pop is more freestyle focused but it handled the freeriding and I still could play with it in the park.  Overall while it was a easy board to ride, it didn’t feel like it couldn’t handle more aggressive riding.

Pop: With the camber underfoot, you can still pop the board from the tail for ollies and I found the ollie pop consistent with it’s name.  Good pop for ollies and the softer flex keeps the playful feel on the mountain.  Not the easiest women’s board to press/butter but not too difficult either.

Switch: The ollie pop is a true twin shape with harmonizing sidecut but when I took it out, somehow the switch riding felt more catchy than an easy transition.

Overall Impression: The ollie pop gets C2 technology for 10-11 and I foresee it continuing to be Roxy’s most popular board for the overall handling of it.   As a freestyle board, the C2 gives it more stability but you can still play in the park with it and a really easy forgiving ride down the mountain.

Shay’s Honesty Box: If I had to choose one board to last me multiple seasons during my beginning seasons of riding, it’d probably be this board because it really did make snowboarding a easy forgiving progressive ride.  The board didn’t limit the rider and the rider didn’t limit how the board rode, I consider myself more advanced on the mountain and this board kept up with freeriding and still could play around with the basics on it.  It was forgiving and it’s a board that lasts.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX or shop their full line of Roxy snowboards

On Snow Photo

Roxy Ollie Pop C2 description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a demo day.

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  1. March 26, 2010

    I AM SO STOKED TO TRY THIS BOARD OUT. I’m very excited after reading good things about the C2 😀

  2. viviane
    May 16, 2010

    wow. camber and banana in one? sounds pretty f-n sick!!! isn’t gnu coming out with a women’s pickle for 2010-11 too?

  3. May 16, 2010

    Lauren, can’t wait to hear how you like yours.

    Viviane, definitely a good combination. and yes there is a women’s park pickle for 10-11, i’ll have GNU up this week on the site.

  4. AJ
    September 01, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    I find your reviews to be very helpful. I’m trying to decide between the Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX and the Burton Feelgood V-Rocker. I’m an intermediate to advanced rider, looking for an all mtn board (not a terrain park person), but I do like the trees. I was also considering the GNU B-Pro BTX.

    What are your thoughts?

  5. September 02, 2010

    AJ, for an intermediate to advanced riders I don’t think the ollie pop or feelgood would push your riding. Good rides no doubt but won’t push your riding. Also if you are more freeride focus, the B-pro is more suitable charging than the ollie pop and feelgood. I’d definitely look at more freeride focus women’s boards since you don’t ride park.

  6. kirsten
    December 03, 2010

    What boards would you suggest for all mountain/freestyle wanting to push their riding? Thanks

  7. December 03, 2010

    Kirsten, Roxy Ollie Pop is a great board to consider. I’d also look at the NS Infinity, Burton Feelgood, Smokin Vixen, just a couple I can think of.

  8. kirsten
    December 06, 2010

    Thanks shay. The Infinity was definitely one I was considering! how about the gnu b street? I know you kinda thought it wasnt that good all mountain but ive read lodasa reviews saying it was sweet…u think it coulda changed since u tried it in 09? I demoed a distortia and realy didnt like how it felt at high speed so defo dont want something that isnt all mountain…but would really like smething jibby too! My other problem is Im only 5 foot and 120 pounds so I dont know if the 145 ollie pro, b street or infinity would be too big for me? What you think? I had considered the B Pro but they only do that in a 146!! The B street do have a 141 though and the pandoras in a 143 (although that is prob too freestyley too!) Your reviews are great thanks for your help!

  9. December 07, 2010

    Kirsten, B-street is on the softer side but definitely doable. It could have changed since I tried it in 09 but I think you might find it similiar to the distortia at high speeds. The 145cm board would be fine for your weight and you’ll still find it playful. The B-pro would probably be too stiff for what you are wanting.

  10. SaraLee
    December 26, 2010

    Hey ya Shay.
    I am a fairly advanced Rider. Doing Helis and riding Park . I currently have a B-STREET btx and I love but am beating it up and at super high bombing speeds it gets a bit scetchy. I want an all mountain board I can drop powder and cliffs on then blaze through the park hitting a few rails at the base. I am LIB-TECH lover so any gnu or roxy board I am all for. I am looking at the B-Pro but the fact that it is not a non directional twin bugs because I ride switch as often as possible…but I dont want a real parky board which is sounds like this oli lan towards and I need one that I can push on. Any Ideas??

  11. December 28, 2010

    SaraLee, Sweet on your riding! I’d look at the eminence over the ollie pop for what your looking for, tad stiffer than the ollie pop.

    The envi would be a great choice but it’s directional twin. B-pro would be a stellar board for you riding style.

  12. gemma
    December 29, 2010


    I’m hoping to buy an all mountain board but I’m also starting to get more adventurous in the park, so need something to suit!!!! I’m hoping to do a season next year so should come on a fair bit too! 🙂 Everyone I speak to recommends something different and it is frying my brain! lol. Please can you share some advice?

    So far I have looked at the roxy ollie pop, salomon lark and lily, burton lipstick and skate banana. I’m 66kg so prob a 151 or 152?

    Look forward to your comments!

  13. December 29, 2010

    gemma, from your list I’ve ridden the lipstick, ollie pop and skate banana. If you are still looking for something that’s park and can handle the mountain, the ollie pop would be the best choice of the boards I’ve ridden that I listed. Lark and lily both sound like good options with the lark being more all mountain and lily being more park.

    Are you able to demo any from your local shop?

  14. December 30, 2010

    Love the review! Do you think a 9.5 boot would catch a lot of drag on this board? I ride regular 15, 15. I’m an intermediate rider. I started about 2 seasons ago, I like to hit the park on occassion, but mostly just like taking off on jumps.

  15. January 16, 2011

    Erin, thanks! I think you’ll be fine. I wear size 8’s and as you can see in the picture I still have room before the edge of the board.

  16. Morgan
    January 28, 2011

    Hi Shay,

    Love you’re detailed reviews! I’ve been riding for 9-ish seasons, I’m an advanced all-mntn boarder and my goal is to become more comfortable in the park this season.

    One question: the Roxy Ollie Pop or Smokin Vixen?



  17. February 02, 2011

    Morgan, great question! Between both boards you are getting a solid board. Smokin Vixen was more true twin in my opinion and a bit softer flex than the ollie pop so depends if you want more park or more all mountain.

  18. Deez
    October 07, 2011

    A bit late but looking for a board for my lady. She’s 5’1″ size 6 108lbs. Is the 145 too big? No park only cruisers on groomers. I’m worried also about stance width as she is not tall

  19. October 13, 2011

    Deez, if she’s comfortable riding, the 145 shouldn’t be an issue. What’s her usual stance width? If you go with the 145 it can go up to 22.5 from the specs. Are you considering any other boards, what’s her ability level?

  20. Marco
    January 29, 2012

    Hey Shay,

    I’m looking into a board for my female friend. She’s about 5’10, 140 lbs and learning how to link turns. She just learned how to transition to her toe edge. I don’t think she ever plans on doing any park.

    Would the Ollie Pop 151 be a good choice for her?


  21. February 21, 2012

    Marco, awesome on the board for her! Ollie Pop would be a suitable board, it’s a good all around board to ride. And the size is right for her.

  22. Shea
    February 28, 2012

    Hey Shay, I am looking for a board to help me progress as a rider. I’ve had some confidence issues on my Rome Lofi as I seem to catch a lot of edges and am generally uncomfortable because of it. I recently had a chance to demo the Gnu B Nice and the K2 va va voom, both of which I loved. I did not have the opportunity to try the Ollie Pop or Gnu B Pro for the tech comparison. I felt like the Gnu got a bit dodgy at higher speeds, but that was my only complaint. I am wondering if a board like the Ollie Pop would give me the forgiving turns like the B Nice and Va Va Voom but allow higher speeds and overall all mountain progression. Would this be a good board to help build my confidence as a rider?

  23. February 29, 2012

    Hey Shea! That’s a tough call since I haven’t ridden the B-nice to compare it to the Ollie Pop. My guess is the Ollie Pop will handle better but B Pro will definitely handle the stability way better. Did you like the Va Va Voom as it rode? You might wanna stick with that as the safe bet. B-Pro is on the more aggressive end so it’ll definitely be harder to ride the Ollie Pop, Ollie Pop is still pretty easy going but with good handling and it’s hard to say how the B-Nice will be compared to it.

  24. Kristina
    March 06, 2012

    Hey Shay! I’ve decided to get a new board, and I’ve decided on a Roxy ollie pop. I’m able to get the 11/12 Ollie Pop 145 for half price.. My only concern is the size – mainly the width, because I’m currently riding a 144 cm board and I don’t think 1 cm would make that much of a difference.. Anyway, I’m 5’2″ and 110 lbs, and my boot size is 5. I’m a beginner, and I don’t really have a defined riding style – I enjoy both riding powder and groomers, and I also like to go over some small jumps (..or bumps?? :)) here and there. So, like I said I’m concerned about the width, and therefore I’m not sure if I should rather go for the 141 (width 23,5 cm) in stead of the 145 (23,9 cm). Do you think the 0,4 cm would matter much? I’ve read in a forum somewhere that if your boot size is very small (like mine..), you should choose a narrow board in order to get the overhang to be able to apply leverage to your edges and get the most out of your board, and that every mm counts when you are already in the too small zone..
    What do you think??

  25. March 06, 2012

    Kristina, great to hear! 1cm isn’t any difference you’ll notice. What’s the ww on your 144cm board? I think for the size and your weight, it suits you fine even though you do have smaller feet it’s not too wide for them. Plus it’ll handle all the terrain you want to ride.

  26. Kristina
    March 06, 2012

    The waist width on my old board is pretty much the same as on the 145 ollie pop.. But my board is pretty cheap and probably crappy, and I bought it when I didn’t really have a clue on what to get – so basically I don’t know if it’s the right size for me. I don’t have any trouble riding it, but then again I don’t have anything else to compare with 🙂 Thanks for the input!! 🙂

  27. Becky
    May 12, 2012

    Quick question, sorry I know this is an old thread now but I’ve been offered to buy a basically brand new roxy ollie pop 11/12 151 for quite cheap. It would be my first board and I’m around 5ft 3 and 9 stone, so would this size be ok? I learnt to ride when is was around 12 but looking to gain more confidence and start trying the rails,kickers etc. I know this is a intermediate -advanced board (online reviews) but do you think I’d be ok with it? And be able to progress?

    The other option which looks nicer is the eminence but I understand that is a more advanced freestyle

    Any advice would be much appreciated



  28. May 13, 2012

    Kristina, then you’ll be fine and good on it. You could go narrower but I think you are already used to it and it works for you with that size/ww.

    Becky, No worries at all. That’s a great size board for you! It’ll definitely handle your riding as you step up on the mountain. Eminence is a lot more aggressive/advanced so depends how high up you wanna go. Ollie Pop is a good progressing board.