Steamboat 3/2/10

02 Mar, 2010

It’s hard to imagine that winter is almost over, March has arrived which is my favorite month of winter but also means there are less days on the slopes soon.  I’ve had an amazing winter so far and today everything felt good, cranked the music, lapped the mountain in the early morning and then was able to lap park with Claire.  Snowboarding is addicting, cause I was wanting more this afternoon.

This morning I was able to ride from 9-11 to do the Steamboat straight talk, it’s basically the conditions of the day blog post for the mountain and a lot of fun plus it gets me out on the slopes.  The sun was out, temps were warmer and I was testing out the new Chemical Storm snowboard.

The fun part about testing or even reviewing is just being able to get used to a board, ride it and see how it handles in as much different conditions as I possibly can.  Today’s conditions were corduroy groomers, bumpy choppy snow, leftover pow, park and pipe.  After a typical run, it’s time to see how it handles easy turns, harder aggressive turns, quick stops, short and long radius turns, switch, butters, the list goes on.  Flexing the board strapped in, then turning with it, everything that makes up for why I do reviews is just being able to listen to a board.  Sometimes it comes easier, other times it’s harder to figure out a board.

The choppy run of death test

Since this winter has been on the warmer side, I’ve been layering it up with my outerwear but mostly I have worn my 686 KR3W softshell all winter, I just upgraded my pants from totally destroyed Analog Perimeter Pants to Bonfire Spectral pants and I keep with my Burton Dry Ride.  I realized today that I’m very patriot in my outerwear this year.

As the morning came to an end, I started making mini park laps and ran into Claire who joined me  for a mini park/medium park/superpipe session.  We have a blast and today was a great day for park, I worked on boardslides on the dance box and noseslides on the other boxes in the park.

Claire getting some air in Rabbit Ears Park

Eventually I made my way in for the day but since today was full of ride breaks, I had a great day on the slopes that I didn’t want to end.

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  1. March 03, 2010

    Sounds like you had a good day of riding. Weather most definitely looks good for riding 😉 When winter is over for outdoors, do you continue indoors?

  2. March 03, 2010

    Shh… I just noticed it’s March and was thinking the same. It’s the Beginning of the End, or is it the End of the Beginning? I could never figure that out.

  3. March 03, 2010

    Sanne, definitely a great day! Colorado is really lucky to have a long season of snowboarding, A-Basin is open till June so I ride until then on weekends, then find the snow in the higher elevations.

    Lou, hmmm good point!