Steamboat 3/26/10

26 Mar, 2010

Bryan Iguchi’s blog started off with “Good riding is a state of mind, not dependent on snow quality, terrain or keeping up with the latest tricks. It’s all about the people and vibe that make the session” for his March 25th update and it really rang true for today’s riding as well as many other days this season.  The snow today was the worst I’ve seen for lower mountain, we received new snow but the mix of slushy/frozen ice to heavy packed snow meant sluggish, bumpy, blah snow but I could have cared less cause I was riding park with friends.

Everyone watching each other’s runs

The lacking snow and conditions have made the park need more upkeep so some features came completely out like my favorite flat box.  Ah well I still have the flat down box and up rail to conquer.

My first run I completely ate it upon landing the flat down box, totally ate it and my goggles came off and filled in with snow.  It sucked and no matter how much I tried, they were blurry from then on so I grabbed goggles quickly during a water break.

Today was mellow shred sesh, I ended up working on ally oops in the mini pipe since I never really tried them so I wanted to improve on something today.  Everyone else was working on their own tricks and dialing them in.

Tomorrow I head to Beaver Creek for the Love for the Ladies Rail Jam to check it out and do a write-up on it.  Then Sunday I should be at Vail (originally thought Breckenridge but I’ll save that for another weekend!).  Finally going to make my Colorado pass worth the extra money by using it at Vail/Beaver Creek.

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