Steamboat 3/30/10

30 Mar, 2010

I’ve decided that I’m going to ride every day until Steamboat closes on April 11th because I have no reason not to and because there’s 12 days left in the season.  Usually I might skip a day or two during the week to get errands done in town but I’m dedicated to stomping some end of season tricks.  This is definitely a year for my park progression which makes me happy that I’ve been pushing myself in an area where I easily could have ignored it and kept freeriding.

The morning was really hardpacked, crusty snow but by 10am it was softening up very quickly and turned to slush by 11am.  It made the park riding fun but a lot slower to get onto features.  I was able to take laps with Sonny, Molly and Tony for most of the day since they weren’t teaching.

Sonny’s nosepress on the A-frame rail

Props to Molly today for hitting 3 new features in the large park…she rallied hard!  Here’s her crooked nosepress on the flat down flat down box.

Sonny airing onto the A-frame rail

Tony getting some air time off the jump in Maverick’s

My goal today was hitting this feature in the large park at Steamboat.  It’s an up flat box that pushes you out pretty good to the landing.  I ended up by the last run of the day, being able to crooked nosepress the box.  Sonny and Molly gave me a great pointer for my crooked nosepresses so that I turn my shoulders and arms and when I’m done, turn back and I can ride it out easier.  It helped so much and I felt great getting it on this box.

Since we’ve been lapping park I’m back on the Arbor Cadence 151cm which has been my perfect park lapping board, smaller size and as you can tell it’s getting some rail time in on it.

After I came in, I noticed that a seam has split on my rear pocket of my Bonfire pants so I ended up stopping by Powdertools where I bought the pants to talk with Bernie about getting them warrantied.  They’ve held up great since my Analog pants fell apart faster but because it’s one stitch, it’ll keep unraveling so I needed to get it fixed.  This is why I try to buy local from my snowboard shop, I can walk in and if something happens they’ll take care of it.

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  1. March 30, 2010

    HAHA sounds like end of season put up or shut up talk… we all have our goals… good luck getting yours nailed .. btw that kink box looks sick … have a great last few weeks Shay!

  2. doriux
    March 31, 2010

    oh, I’m so envious :). I and my friends have closed our season last saturday. was a great fun, but very hard conditions to ride as the wet snow made the park mogul like. still great fun with great people. hope you get all the tricks till the end of the season. cheers.

  3. jb
    March 31, 2010

    Have a sick last two weeks shay!

  4. April 02, 2010

    Flat down flat down box?! Looks fun! But kinda scary at the same time!!!

  5. April 04, 2010

    burrito, for sure…definitely need the luck!

    Doriux, thanks! Bummer your season has already ended!

    JB, thanks! I’ve still got a couple months left till the season ends but definitely not having a 5 minute walk to the mountain makes it harder.

    Rooster, yeah I’m getting the nerve to try it…but looks fun!