Steamboat 3/3/10

03 Mar, 2010

Yesterday I received a call from the local newspaper that they had been recommended to use me in a local piece in the upcoming Steamboat magazine for next winter.  I was pretty amazed that my name was tossed around (thanks Jon!) and the article was on local’s favorite runs/parts of the mountain.  It meant today being on the mountain to meet up with them and get a shot for the paper/magazine that they can use.

I was totally up for being the halfpipe girl since I do enjoy riding halfpipe during my ride breaks.  I’m still not going pro anytime but I enjoy cranking the music and trying.

So at lunch today I met up with John from the paper who was going to take my photo and it’s a good thing I never went into professional snowboarding/modeling because I can’t control my nerves when the time comes.  I’ve ridden pipe thousands of times and today I was soo nervous that every run got worse.  But I think we got a shot that might work so we’ll see in the future how it comes out and I’m stoked to be a part of it.

John ready to get the shot

My ride break was short and sweet after working with John for the photo but I made a couple laps through the halfpipipe and mini park again before heading inside.  Looking forward to the weekend when I have more time to ride.

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  1. March 04, 2010

    Go Shay! Woohoo!