Steamboat 3/6/10

06 Mar, 2010

It was another warm sunny slushy day on the mountain so I took my morning to run errands in town before heading up to the slopes.  The park was calling my name and even though I was riding alone, I wanted to step up my riding today.

I was lucky to catch up with Sonny for some laps in the afternoon and he helped cheer me on through my park lap improvement progression session.

I’m still working on my tricks in the beginner park but it’s difficult because the boxes are short so once you are on…two seconds later…you are off the box.  But it helps with confidence and I’m getting a lot more comfortable in the park.

Testing the Spy Bias goggles today, perfect lens for bluebird

Today I spent more runs lapping our medium park (Rabbit Ears Terrain Park) which has a rail line that is flat box, flat down box, rainbow box, up rail, down rail and log features at the end.  My goal was to ride more features in this park.  Here’s some of the features I was hitting (but the pics are older).

Flat box:  I feel a lot more comfortable on this box so now I’m starting to do a crooked nosepress on the box and eventually I’ll work on the boardslides.  You have to ollie onto the box which I’m getting better at.

Flat Down box:  We have a interesting relationship, I’ve been caught and flipped over by this box so I know it might take me for an interesting ride.  But today every time I hit it, even if I didn’t ride till the end I was able to come out and ride away.  Finally I kept looking at the end of the box and 50-50’d it comfortably. My next goal is to 50-50 to boardslide…but still working on boardslides.

Up Rail:  My first adventure into handrails, I’ve been eyeing up this rail and decided that it wouldn’t be hard to ride onto it.  Yes there’s a gap and yes it’s a handrail but I can do it.  First to Fourth hits, I was ollie’ing off and the last time it just took a eye to the end of the rail for me to ride 100% of it.  I was stoked!

Log Jib:   I’ve been riding up to it, bonking and then coming back down but it was time to step up the game and stall on top.  A couple tries later and I was able to find the sweet spot, get the speed and stall on top.

It was the best day for my progression, just trying to hit more features and having fun with it.  I took some good falls in the process but it was a fun day overall!  Last year I barely hit the mini park so this is much improvement!

Finally something I’ve never imagined or seen is the shirtless KID and today was the day…I’m questioning the parents judgement on this one but I’m guessing they might have been shirtless too.

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