Steamboat 3/7/10

07 Mar, 2010

It’s been a tough winter to wake up early where there is no new snowfall on the mountain but that also means weekends are spent getting stuff done before I head up for the day.  Today I had time to wax and scrape my boards which was much needed with the slushy slow snow on the mountain.  I made it to the mountain just in time to run into a couple friends for laps.

I was a couple gondola cars behind Jenny and Amanda and behind me a couple cars was Allen.  We all met up at the top just in time for Allen to prove his good lookingness next to this guy.  Tough choice.

After a lap on upper mountain in bumpy snow, we decided that it was time to rally to the pipe and park for the afternoon.  It was a bummer to see the mini park closed for the day but meant that I had to get the tricks in medium park because that’s all there was.

Park Crew hard at work

Jenny Brown showing off her tonka skills in the lift line

Stoked I got this shot of Amanda on the flat box in Rabbit Ears Park!

Jenny stalling on the log

The sky turned to overcast during our shredding in the afternoon which meant a storm was coming in soon, we ended the day by heading to Slopeside for some apres drinks.

When I got home I finally got to look at the damage to my highback.  I can’t remember when it broke but today in the lift line I noticed that I had a crack in my highback.  It’s still rideable, I rode it all today and it’s my rear binding so I’m not too worried.  I should be able to temporary put on a Force highback until I can get a replacement from Union.

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  1. jenny b
    March 09, 2010

    and shannon slayed the snow, boxes and wood in giggle today. giggle fest 2010 fo sho!