Steamboat 3/9/10

09 Mar, 2010

Tuesdays are the day that I can spend the morning doing the daily blog for the mountain which is great because it means waking up to the chairlift and usually I get to enjoy some turns by myself barely any people on the slopes.

Today the weather didn’t look like it’d cooperate, another socked in cloudy low visibility day on the slopes but as soon as I got midway up the gondola it was above the clouds which meant bluebird skies and 1 inch of new snow on the ground to soften up the riding.

Usually when I’m on the mountain alone, I turn up the tunes and just enjoy the ride.  Today was exactly that, just enjoyed the ride and I stayed on the groomers working on my riding and switch riding most of the morning.

Union is sending me replacement highbacks since I broke mine but they are still rideable (and yes I’m still riding them).  It’s the rear foot and not completely broken so I’ve just been more careful.  I think it was a chairlift that did it but I can’t remember when, usually I keep my highbacks down.  Anyway thanks Union, I’m stoked to get replacements!

I met some of the Fuse Marketing team at the contest events this year like Grand Prix and Dew Tour and Heather who works the PR side of Fuse happens to be vacationing in Steamboat so we were able to make up for some laps today.

Still hoping for more snow to hit Steamboat but also want the roads to be clear when I start driving to Washington this friday…sooo I’m going to okay that it snows after I leave and I’ll enjoy it when I come back home a week later.

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  1. Yessi
    March 11, 2010

    looks good. you’re living the dream, shay. i think i might just follow in your footsteps and look for work next season at a Canadian hill out west.