Two Rails One Cup Rail Jam

02 Mar, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, the riders came out to throw down in the first ever Two Rails One Cup Rail Jam in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  It started at 4pm but I wasn’t able to make my way down till 5pm to check it out.  The riders were a mix of local Steamboat Springs and nearby Summit County trying their hand at the three features and trying to place in the top three.

There were two main rails set up:  Down Flat Down Rail and A Frame Rail.  At the very end of them was a small mini box to play on.

The setup was literally off Lincoln Avenue with the mountain looking rather pretty and traffic coming to a halt to check out the scene.  The best part was the locals who came down to watch the contest, there were plenty of familiar faces of riders who live in Steamboat Springs that wanted to see this event go down.

To get enough speed for the rails, it was easier to help pull the riders into the drop in

I ended up taking some photos of some of the riders while recognizing familiar faces in the line-up like some of the Never Summer team on hand competing.  I didn’t take down names but I’ll add in names once I find out who they are.

Nick Bilawsky From Powder Tools/K2

Chris Chance from Never Summer

Chris Lynch from Never Summer

Best Crash of the event

Unknown rider (will find out)

Unknown rider (will find out)

Ronnie from the Click

Chris Lynch from Never Summer

Unknown rider (will find out)

Bernie from Powdertools throwing out t-shirts to the crowd during the rail jam

DJ booth overlooking the contest and throwing out the beats for the rail jam

There were a couple heats of riders so in between during each break, Steamboat’s park crew would help fix up the rails

Riders watching the rail jam before strapping in

Rob from BOA having a good time

The evening ended in the dark but kept on going at the afterparty down in the Taphouse.  I made my way with some of the boys to celebrate and end the evening with drinks.

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  1. Yessi
    March 02, 2010

    Looks like fun. And that is one amazing fu manchu!!!