Vail 3/28/10

28 Mar, 2010

After a great day at Beaver Creek yesterday, I crashed in Vail with April at her friends house so we could hit up Vail today with some of her shred crew.  Even though I’ve visited the village multiple times, I’ve never snowboarded at the mountain so I finally got to check out some of Vail today.

We woke up and caught the bus to breakfast to start off the day, then headed to the mountain for our shred adventure.  It was really warm at 10am so I dressed in my dry ride and hoodie, skipping out on the jacket but kept the helmet on since I knew we’d be hitting park.

April shredding it up

Vail village from the chairlift

Vail is the most groomed resort on the planet and I definitely caught the glimpse of the groomers out during the day making the corduroy perfectly freshly groomed again.  I must say I finally got to enjoy some of it on our last run down and it was glorious…totally won me over.

April and I took a couple runs by ourselves, hitting up the mini park at Vail and eventually met up with the rest of her crew for some fun riding time.  We had April, myself, Scott, Clark, Brett, Jon for most of the day and were joined by others towards the end.

The day went by quickly as we lapped the park and groomed runs, hitting up features along each run.  Everyone was a blast to ride with and definitely good to ride with a crew again seeing what they do each run and trying to hit the same features.

Clark who joined us runs Hieronymous Clothing showed off the goods to us in the parking lot and I picked up a tall tee that I’ll be rocking all spring to help support the company.  The designs features a mix between literature and design which I’ll go into soon.

April’s businessman off the jump

Brett dropping some exposed rocks

Before the lifts closed at 4pm, some of the crew hit up the liquor store and we headed up the chairlift to find a spot on the mountain and chill.   We ended up picking a great spot because even though we were above a cat track no one ever looked up at us!

Our boards made the perfect benches in the snow and it was time to enjoy some PBR, talking and relaxing at the end of the day before we’d take last run on the new corduroy.

Scott laughing at some joke.  We had a great collection of mustaches on the men today.

Last run down Vail after 5pm was groomed corduroy and worth the wait in the woods

I eventually made my way out of Vail for the easy drive home to Steamboat, a bit tired but stoked on such a fun weekend!  Definitely glad I got to enjoy Beaver Creek and Vail, especially today with April’s crew of friends at Vail.

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  1. Yessi
    March 29, 2010

    Mmmm … PBR, sun and snowboarding. 🙂

  2. April
    March 29, 2010

    ummm Yes. we look forward to doing more stunts with you at Breck in a few weeks!

  3. March 29, 2010

    was that a proper safety meeting? i hope it wasn’t just drinks up there…

  4. March 30, 2010

    Most definitely April! Stoked to shred with you again!

    Tim…gotta leave some stuff off the blog for obvious reasons.