Goggle Review: Spy Trevor

07 Apr, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Trevor goggle offers a comfortable blend of features and affordability for the snow conditions on the mountain.

Location: I started riding these goggles at Steamboat in the late season.

Conditions: Mostly overcast, flat light and snowy conditions on the mountain.  Some rare bluebird days with them.

Color: I received the Trevors in the grey-denim acid wash frame design which I find hilarious having acid wash goggles that actually look good.  Usually when you think acid wash, you might cringe at the thought of the jeans but Spy made them look as good as they feel on the mountain.  The strap is plain black with SPY on the sides in the same grey-ish color as some of the frame.

Lens: The trevor goggles came with the persimmon lens which I find ideal for all around riding, especially in powder to overcast conditions on the mountain.  I have good visual on the snow changes when riding and helps with those non-bluebird days of seeing exactly where I need to go.  On the bluebird days, I’d prefer a more mirrored lens that helps block the sun out better.

Fit: The Trevors are described as a flexible frame that conforms to any face shape for a comfortable fit which I found worked for my face frame and especially my nose shape.  It conformed and while it wasn’t a perfect fit (rarely any goggles are) to my nose, it was snug in the right spots and comfortable for riding in.  I had a small air gap but I never felt it impact my riding or fog up.

Helmet Compatibility: I’ve ridden these with my bern helmet which fits just fine with the Trevor goggle, the only thing I’ve noticed is I’m maxed out on the strap length when I wear it with a helmet.  The goggle strap is silicone ribbed so it doesn’t move on the helmet, stays secure when riding even when you fall and snow doesn’t get in (a nice added bonus I found out).  I didn’t notice a gap between the helmet and goggle either.

Visibility: Overall the Trevor has good peripheral visibility on the goggle, I can see side to side in the trees pretty good when I’ve worn them or needing to spot out for randoms in the park that don’t follow etiquette.  The lens helps in the conditions I’ve been in and I feel comfortable riding them on them mountain.

Features: The Trevors feature a low-profile, light weight frame with anti-fog polycarbonate clyindrical dual lens system with anto-scratch protection, triple layer isotron face foam featuring moisture wicking dri-force fleece, dual adjustment silicone ribbed strap for a secure fit and 100% UVA, B & C protection on the mountain. I found the best features are the face foam which makes the goggles very comfortable and without the imprints on your face (even though I feel like the goggle strap should be longer, it doesn’t leave marks that I’ve been wearing goggles) and the silicone ribbed strap that helps keep the goggles on your helmet secure in place.

Durability: I’ve smacked a couple trees with the Trevors but no signs of damage to them or the lens, they’ve held up good in my backpack as well since I’ve been carrying them between home and work for the last week.  While I don’t 100% believe that goggles are anti-scratch, so far they are living up to the name.

Thoughts: When I first got the Trevors, I wasn’t sure about them from the simple design and colorway.  But having the persimmon lens and a comfortable goggle like the Trevor helped on these late season overcast and powder days on the slopes.  They were easy to ride in and easy to see visibly what they conditions were each day.  They worked with my helmet and I found them overall to be a lot better than expected.

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On-snow photos

Spy Trevor Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Spy Optic.

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