Grenade Games 6: Dual Slalom Moguls

22 Apr, 2010

After attending last years Grenade Games in Whistler during the Telus Festival, I knew the combination of Grenade Games and Telus Festival meant coming back year after year to be a part of it.  The fun atmosphere of the games mixed with the vibe of the festival was ideal and the good shredding on both of the mountains complimented the experience.

The 6th Grenade Games competitions began yesterday with the search and rescue mission but today was the Dual Slalom Moguls which makes pro snowboarders cringe as they watch each other come down icy mogul patches and hit a jump along the way.  It looked like some riders had practiced after last years mogul competitions as I saw some stellar backflips during the day but there were some great crashes as well.

Watching riders hit the jumps at the same time was fun to watch

In Dave Fortin’s first run of the day he tried a backflip off the mogul jump that was rough to watch, broke his nose of the board and he still rode the rest of the day on it.

Watching pros compete in dual slalom moguls is a lot of fun to watch.  Mainly because the moguls can kick their butts but you see their style when it comes to the jumps if they can make it that far without eating it.

Style in the air

Style on the ground

The base of the course was fenced in with rider and media access plus stocked with plenty of Monster to keep you hydrated during the event.

Rider charging down the course

Spy’s Daryl on hand with the Dingo to announce the Grenade Games

Danny Kass charging down his run

Danny Kass happy that he made it

Kevin Sansalone and Sean Tedore chatting it up at the Grenade Games

There were some close calls during the Dual Slalom Moguls but it was all based on time and the contestants were able to pick their opponents until the end.

Mercedes one of the fewer female riders and kicking a boys butt on the course

Food and beer line during the event

A variety of spectators watching the games go on from behind the fence

I ran into Dylan who reads shayboarder and recognized me from the blog, he was competing and enjoying every moment of the Games.

Right before the finals began, I headed into the lodge to find Alex Pashley.  Alex was with a bunch of prize winners that got hooked up by Dragon to come to Whistler and shred with Gigi Ruf.

Pablo screeching to a stop and winning 1st place in Dual Slalom Moguls

Finals List at the bottom of the course.

1st Place:  Pablo  Aristeguieta

2nd Place:  Travis Williams

3rd Place:  Myrosha Delay

Most Radical Dude:  Mark Sollors

Mark Sollors took home the most radical dude award against Dave Fortin.  Mark jibbed the majority of gates going down the run

Danny Kass showing off the Grenade Games 6 snowboards…the top 3 winners from today each took home a board.

I ended the afternoon with hot chocolate & baileys at Black’s Pub in the base area with Carrie and evo’s Molly and Chris.  Now it’s time for the pro photographer showdown and some late night partying before hitting up the mountain for the halfpipe event tomorrow.

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  1. Christian
    April 23, 2010

    That’s awesome. Sounds like a typical day on the East Coast.

  2. d b
    April 23, 2010

    Damnit. I’m going next year.

  3. April 25, 2010

    Christian, haha probably! I bet the best riders hail from the east coast.

    db, it’s really fun to watch the events and whistler is so much fun during Telus Festival with the music and Grenade Games just adds to the on-snow fun.