Grenade Games 6: Superpipe

23 Apr, 2010

It’s another beautiful (well overcast) day in Whistler, BC but the Grenade Games make every day a good day on the slopes with the fun antics, good riders and all around good times.  I headed up with evo’s Molly, Chris, Gorio and Amy to check out the superpipe competition.  Of all the pipe contests I’ve been to; the Grenade Games superpipe event is the most mellow but fun to watch.  You never know who will take home the prize and you have a eclectic mix of riders trying (or just having fun not really trying).

Riders at the top of the superpipe waiting to drop in

The Grenade Games superpipe was very popular with skiers and riders that lined each side to watch the riders throw down.  I loved seeing the line of people and their boards on the ground all the way down the pipe.

Myself at the top of the superpipe

Justin Lamoureux threw down all day at the pipe, consistent big airs and impressing the crowd.  I was surprised he only won 3rd since I thought he did the best or was just the brightest on the mountain.

Tj Schneider was last year’s superpipe winner and was on scene riding, filming snowboard realms and watching others throw down.

At the top of the pipe we ran into Frequency’s Colin Wiseman.  I have a tour of the Frequency headquarters coming up but it was my first time meeting Colin in person.  I caught this shot of him watching riders get air in the pipe.

Dustin Craven soaring above the crowds that came out to watch

Todd Richards in town and riding pipe!  Funny thing on the flight read I re-read P3 which every snowboarder should pick up a copy and read.

Kyle Thomas took home 2nd place in the pipe with a beautiful backdrop of Whistler

Justin hiking up the pipe, he had the tunes cranked and was totally in it

There were plenty of professional photographers on scene so I just focused on capturing the riders that I liked on camera.  Some of them I didn’t get names for so I’ll keep an eye out for the other photos that come out and update these shots.

Dan Raymond

Halfway threw the contest, the pinata was put up for the riders to get their chance for $500 by knocking it down and breaking it.  Soon it was a mess of riders getting at it and I feared for the photographers below.

Tj’s impressive bonk on the pinata

Eric Messier holding on tight and getting the pinata down with the weight of his body

Dustin Craven riding the Grenade pinata down the halfpipe

After the pinata broke, I made my way down to the bottom of the pipe to check out the scene including the Dingo and Daryl announcing but also the crowds of people watching.

Annie Boulanger at the superpipe competing and enjoying the scene

Tj Schneider and myself taking opposite photos.  I’m serious when he isn’t and he’s serious when I’m not.  Definitely check out Snowboard Realms if you haven’t yet, Tj does an amazing job showcasing the fun side of pro snowboarding.

Todd Richards and Snowboarder Magazine’s Evan LeFebvre talking it up

Kevin Casillo, Daryl Trinidad and Danny Kass

Danny Kass holding up the Grenade Games 6 snowboards, not a bad design in my opinion.

Grenade Games 6:  Superpipe Winners

1st Place:  Jordan Phillips

2nd Place:  Kyle Thomas

3rd Place:  Justin Lamoureux

Jordan Phillips holding his first place check for 5,000 and his new snowboard

Myself with Molly and Amy at the bottom of the pipe just as it started to snow!

Molly and I headed down the mountain to Merlin’s for some apres action and she captured this shot of me…right in front of the shayboarder sticker.  Whistler’s getting some love in sticker form.

It’s my last night in Whistler which means some good times out with friends, tomorrow I’ll be up early to have breakfast with Vancity Allie and then hit the slopes before driving back to Seattle for my flight tomorrow morning.   I’ll unfortunately be missing the Grenade Games Big Air Finals but I should be able to capture the practice round before I take off.

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  1. Yessi
    April 24, 2010

    Annie, my hero.

    Also, what gogs does Amy have? They’re badass.

  2. April 25, 2010


    Totally agree with you on Annie. I was really nervous meeting her but she was the sweetest person!

    Amy’s goggles are anons but not sure what model so I’ll find out for you.

  3. Yessi
    April 26, 2010

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Aimee
    April 28, 2010

    Aimee’s goggles are Anon Figments from a few seasons ago. 🙂

  5. Yessi
    April 29, 2010

    Hahahah. Thanks Aimee! Straight from the source. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your season, you lucky ducks.