Inside Frequency: The Snowboarders Journal

28 Apr, 2010

Frequency fits a different mold than your average snowboard magazine; the quarterly publication is focused on high quality and limited advertising which is rare in snowboarding.  Founded in 2001, Frequency: The Snowboarders Journal has grown to become a popular magazine for snowboarders wanting more than a throwaway magazine and the editorial/photography speaks for itself when published in a coffee table style journal.

Located in Bellingham, Washington the office houses Frequency:  The Snowboarders Journal, Ski Journal and Flyfish Journal.  The new location that they are now housed in is more remote than their previous downtown Bellingham location but also offers a quiet workspace environment and you’d never guess such a quality magazine is in this location.

Upon entering the Frequency office, Jamie Lynn greets you at the door in the portrait done by Matt French.

The waiting area stocked with copies of Frequency, Ski Journal and the new Flyfish Journal await people for some leisure time before a big meeting.

In 2006, Frequency won the Maggie Award for Best Quarterly which is proudly on display in the office.   The Maggie Awards honors editorial and publishing excellence so quite an honor to receive it.  Also on display is Craig Kelly, Mt Baker and Donkey who passed away last summer.

Colin Wiseman is the editor at Frequency and the voice behind many of the articles.  His worldwide travels keep him on the road and out of the office like the day I visited the office. Luckily I was able to meet Colin in Whistler briefly.

Just beside Colin sits Matt Wibby who was my tour guide but also handles the marketing and advertising for the publications.

Jeff Galbraith is the man who started the journals and longtime editor in the business, he now handles the publishing for the publications.

The stairway to the upper offices features the Frequency logo in metal work

The upper office workspace features the design and artistic side of each of the journals.  It was quiet when I visited but tons of space for possibilities.

Jessie Carlson was at her desk busy on designing the issues that come out.

Craig Kelly’s surfboard graces the Frequency headquarters, a tribute to a northwest legend that defined snowboarding

The lunchroom at Frequency headquarters

Boxes of the magazines line the back office.  The latest issue of Frequency 8.1 is about to arrive and be shipped out to the subscribers around the world.  I highly recommend subscribing to the journal if you haven’t yet, they focus on quality over quantity with articles that you actually read through not flip through.

A huge thanks to Matt Wibby for giving me the tour and allowing me to come by the office.  It was a pleasure to meet the staff and see what goes on at Frequency.

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  1. April 28, 2010

    That’s awesome! We were in the house with Colin at WSSF. You should have visited!

  2. April 28, 2010

    Very cool, Shay! Always amazing how the coolest magazine projects come out of the most discreet places.

  3. April 28, 2010

    thanks for visiting shay, too bad i wasn’t around, but good to connect in whistler!

  4. April 28, 2010

    vancity, definitely great people…awesome you got to hang out with them!

    Adrienne, totally agree with you. It’s so rad to see the behind the scenes of each company that have so much say on the industry and snowboarding.

    Colin, my pleasure meeting you!