Review: Sandbox Classic Brain Bucket Helmet

14 Apr, 2010

Intended Purpose: The Sandbox class brain bucket is the original sandbox helmet with a thin and soft EVA liner for a comfortable, low profile fit.  The brain bucket helmet is non-certified.

Appearance: When I first got the brain bucket, the purple was a bit bright for me but I’ve grown to love the color over this winter.  The overall apperance reminds of a softball helmet but I like the brim design and the brightness of the helmet.  Classic and simple.  It’s the most commented on item I use, people always ask about it.

Fit: The brain buckets come with 3 sets of fit pads, so it took some time to sit down and adjust the helmet to my head by mix matching the fit pads.  Once I found the fit, I personally wear the helmet without a beanie underneath and it’s snug (more snug than my Bern helmet) in that it won’t move when I fall or take hits.

Goggle Compatibility: I’ve mostly been wearing Dragon Rogue’s with this helmet which overall feel good but since I don’t wear a beanie underneath the helmet there is some room above the google to the helmet luckily the brim covers up the “slight” gaper gap.  In the pictures below you don’t see it but at certain angles you do see it.  I just like not wearing a beanie underneath it so I choose to have a slight gap at angles.  I still need to try other goggles with the helmet.

Features: The classic brain bucket helmet doesn’t have any bells and whistles, it’s clean simple design is based on protecting your head if you need it.  It features a comfortable EVA liner, low profile fit to the head and removable ear covers.  The goggle clip on the back of the helmet is also low profile, removable and you can easily unhook your goggles from the clip (top entry/exit).  On the ear cover, you can hear through the ear pieces and don’t feel like you are trapped in Charlie Brown teacher talking mode all the time.  The strap is easy clip in and out but if you like having a comfortable padding on the strap, this helmet doesn’t have it.  I like it as is and it doesn’t bother me to have just the strap with no padding.

Durability: I do not have the certified helmet from sandbox, there is a certified version you can get.  So far I’ve taken some falls but nothing that has impacted the helmet (knock on wood).  The helmet fits snug with my head and doesn’t allow any movement so I feel confident that even with non-certified it’ll help protect my head as much as possible but I also recognize helmets help but not deter head injuries.

Thoughts: The sandbox classic brain bucket has been my warm weather helmet, perfect for park days where I want to ride boxes and stay protected.  It’s treated me good for the end of season and definitely with the material perfect for warmer weather days.  I prefer to use my Bern helmet which has more padding and warmth on the cold days.  The sandbox design and color gets a lot of comments, it does remind me of a softball helmet but also I like the different look on the mountain and not having seen anyone else wearing it.

I don’t mind that it’s non-certified but between the choice of certified and non-certified I’d go with certified to give a extra measure of safety on the slopes.  But really I hope it doesn’t come down to that and I still keep my abilities in check when riding with a helmet.

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Rocking the helmet

Sandbox Classic Brain Bucket Description


Review Disclosure: I received this helmet from Sandbox.

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  1. AP Walker
    April 15, 2010

    yeah shay,,,

    not sure about the helmet, but the goggles look great… hahahaha

    Hope all is well. ALEx

  2. josh
    February 01, 2011

    i am wondering how the shipping is

  3. February 06, 2011

    Josh, not sure about shipping since I just reviewed it but didn’t buy it from sandbox directly.