Snowboard Review: 10-11 Never Summer Evo

13 Apr, 2010

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked snow conditions that softened up during the day with bluebird skies.

Setup: I rode the Never Summer Evo with Union Force bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 155cm.

First Impression: The evo is still that board I enjoy riding and getting back on for a good all around ride.

Weight: average

Flex: In 09-10 the evo was softened up a bit and in 10-11 it keeps the same flex as 09-10 which I’ve grown used to in the last year.  The softer flex makes it the more park boards it’s meant to be, softer flex between the bindings and torsionally softer so a more easy forgiving ride on the mountain.  The stiffer flex underfoot helps handle the charging moments or freeriding.  The evo features RC Technology so it’s a mix of rocker and camber, rocker between the feet and camber just outside of the bindings helps give the evo a more stable feeling but also the playfulness of a rocker board. For 10-11 the RC tech has some changes with a flat area outside of the camber to the tail but it doesn’t change the ride, keeps with the contact points lifted and same forgiving ride.

Turning: Easy to initiate turns with on the evo, it’s softer torsionally so you can get quicker edge to edge.  Once in a turn, it’s really easy to get into an edge and hold a carve throughout a turn.  The evo sidecut lets you get really quick short radius turns but also hold a longer radius turn without feeling like it won’t handle it.

Stable: It’s one of those park boards that can still charge, some dampening to help asborb rougher/bumpy terrain which I encountered during the demos.  Outside of park it can hold it’s own and I’ve taken it on some powder days where if needed, it’s rideable and will handle the conditions.  Overall it does pretty good for a park board, stable on turns and icy conditions the vario grip helps hold an edge better.

Pop: The evo has some decent pop to it, easy to pop ollies with and get response out of.  In the park it doesn’t catch on boxes or rails with the contact points lifted up and the rocker gives it good playfulness for tricks.

Switch: The evo rides like the true twin that it is, easy to maneuver into switch and no difference in how it handles whether regular or switch riding.

Overall Impression: The evo continues to be that park board from Never Summer that’s built tough but also with the RC gives the evo a variety of riding options in and out of the park.  It can handle cruising but with the softer flex you can make the mountain your park.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The evo is that board that I know, it’s dialed in my opinion and I love going back to riding it whether it’s a park day or just a freeride day.  During the demos I just felt like taking a break, getting some laps in on a board I already knew and the evo was that board I grabbed up to take out.

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On Snow Photo

Never Summer Evo description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a demo day.

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  1. Matt
    January 22, 2011

    Looking to definitely get the Evo (or revolver if it’s a better fit) but am torn on size. I’m 6′ 2″ – weigh 165 – size 10 boot – and spend at least 1/2 of my time riding in the park but I like to take a board everywhere depending on conditions. Torn between the 158 and the 155 in the Evo — or the 156 in the Revolver. Any Thoughts?

  2. January 24, 2011

    Pedro, I think you answered your own questions there 🙂 Setback you adjust to if you ride switch a lot with it.

    Matt, you don’t need the revolver with size 10 boots…it’s a wider board and evo would be fine. I think the 155 suits you better than the 158 and still gives you a park specific board to ride.

  3. Pedro
    January 27, 2011

    Do you think an Omatic Extr with BS would be a good choice for me? Do they lock good on rails and boxes?? And they are stable for moderate/high speed, icy, choppy snow and those “not so good conditions”? I like their price! I also looked for the Celebrity, that does not have setback, has a better construction and pop (as you said in the other review!).My doubt is: Are they good for rails and boxes? I don’t see how it could be so much stiffer that is bad for rails.. Any thoughts?

    Another thing: the 1st Celebrity board to have BS is the 2010 ?

    Thanks a lot for the answers Shay!!! ;D

  4. Darren
    February 07, 2011

    Hi I’m 175lbs 6ft size US 12 Salomon boot – will the evo 158 be to narrow and will I have to opt for a revolver. please help cheers

  5. February 07, 2011

    Darren, Just go with the revolver, it’s the mid-wide version of the evo and you won’t need to size up to ride it. It’ll fit your boot size better than the evo.

  6. Darren
    February 07, 2011

    Thanks shay – however now cant seem to find a revolver in my size anywhere UK or US 🙁 should I not go for the evo as next best thing? too narrow? thanks x

  7. February 07, 2011

    Darren, are you looking for the 156cm? I found it at K5 board shop but that looks like the last place

  8. Darren
    February 08, 2011

    Thank u sooooo much its ordered!!!!!! x

  9. Darren
    February 08, 2011

    p.s need to get some new bindings for my revolver now as chopping in my burton cartel est – was thinking of union force? – going to be freestyle riding all over mounting and hitting the park allot. Something light – durable and comfortable. Whats your top three recomendations for me.
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. February 09, 2011

    Darren, awesome! Cartels are more responsive than the Forces and stiffer, Forces are definitely good for a mix of riding. Forces, 390’s, Flux RK30’s are good binders

  11. lonerider
    February 14, 2011

    Hi… I read both your review on the NS Evo and the Rome Agent Rocker and it appears the Evo has a more playful flex, but a little less pop.

    How does it compare in terms of dampness and swing weight? If it is not obvious, I’m trying to decide between the two… I have the 2004-2005 Agent 152 and now ride a 2008 SLR 155… I love the SLR… but was looking to add something a “little” more playful for dedicated park riding although I’m much more of a 35-40 ft kicker type of guy than a jibber.


  12. manhattanproj
    February 17, 2011


    do you think the ns evo will make a good board for beginners? originally i was thinking about the yes typo or rossignol angus because of the camrock tech. i think camrock may be better suited to learn different things and provide necessary stability. how do you feel about the rc tech for beginners.

  13. March 01, 2011


    evo is more playful than the agent rocker and has a softer flex. Agent rocker definitely handles through crud, charging better than the softer evo. If you are jumping more, you might like the agent rocker better with a tad more playfulness than your agent you own.

    Manhattan, RC tech is fine for beginners in my opinion. The evo has a softer flex so easy board to learn on and won’t be too difficult to ride.

  14. Darryl
    March 01, 2011

    Hi Shay

    Would you say the NS evo is a good call for an all mountain mess around board, I’m getting into doing stuff in the park, but would like a board thats pretty good all over the piste. I currently have the Ride DH, is this board on par with the DH? been thinking about getting the NS evo 2012 (will you be reviewing it soon?)

    great site, and keep up the great reviews 🙂

  15. March 06, 2011

    Darryl, if you want more all mountain go with the SL which is more all mountain from NS. Evo is more park, softer and less dampening so I would think it’d be on par with the DH but I still have to try the DH. Hoping to review the 2012 evo this year.

  16. manhattanproj
    March 29, 2011

    i’m 5’8″, 170-180lbs, and wear size 10 boots. which size would suit me better on the evo? 155 or 158?

  17. March 29, 2011

    Manhattan, I’d probably do the 155 for your weight. The 158 is on the bigger size and unless you have a reason to size up, the 155 would give you the freestyle focus and suit your weight.

  18. manhattanproj
    March 30, 2011

    no reason other than the store only has 158 in stock. i was thinking about 155 as well.

    have you checked out the rome graft rocker? it’s supposed to be similar to the evo. wondering how it rides? since it’s not very popular, can’t find too much on google or youtube.

  19. March 30, 2011

    Manhattan, I’d go with the 155. I haven’t checked out the rome graft rocker yet unfortunately.

  20. Thomas
    March 31, 2011


    great review, im pretty stoked on the idea of picking up an evo and just have a few questions. thanks in advance for any answers. some quick background. i’m 5’11, 160-170lbs, sz 9 boot. currently riding a lib trs 157 as my quiver killer. great board, but a little stiff for my tastes in terms of playfulness, butters, jibs, etc. i love the stability of it on jumps. i am about 60/40 jumper to jibber and think the evo could compliment the trs well as my go to park board. i am a fairly advanced jumper, bigger spins, inverts, etc. (although i ride at a small mtn so my jumps are rarely bigger than 40-50ft max). intermediate jibber; basic tricks on downrails and some more advanced stuff on flat rails and boxes.

    1.) 155 or 153 for size? i definitely would like to go 153 just to have more contrast to my trs, but don’t wanna end up having chatter/wash outs on jumps as a result of going too jib oriented. thoughts?

    2.) have you had a chance to ride the ’12 evo? if so, could you let me (and others) know the major differences. sounds like they have changed a few things in the nose/tail for the ’12 if im not mistaken. worth an upgrade or for the most part still the same board?

    3.) i guess this shouldve been the first question, but does the evo sound like a good fit for my needs? park slayer with a taste of all mtn, nothing crazy. i will use the trs for bigger mountain/powder so thats a non-issue.

    thanks and keep the great reviews coming!

  21. March 31, 2011


    Evo would be a good complimentary board to the TRS.

    1. Go for the 153, it’ll give you a smaller size but you’ll have to adjust on the jumps. But your weight would be fine on the 153.

    2. I haven’t ridden the 2012 evo, some changes for next year but I wouldn’t expect it to be a totally different ride.

    3. evo is a park board so definitely a good fit and wouldn’t be too soft of a park board so still will handle your jumps.

  22. Thomas
    April 01, 2011

    right on thanks!!