Snowboard Review: 10-11 Smokin PYT

21 Apr, 2010

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked snow conditions that softened up during the day with bluebird skies.

Setup: I rode the Smokin PYT with Union Force bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 152cm.

First Impression: It’s surprising that anti-rocker is on this board but the anti-rocker takes the jib board to a whole new level for what its capable of.

Weight: average

Flex: Despite being a jib board, the PYT is on the mid level for flex.  It’s not an insanely soft park board, but it’s not stiff either.  It can handle the mountain but also offer a playful freestyle flex for the park.  I found it stiffer in between the feet and softer on the nose and tail.  The flex gave it some stability riding but also a fun easy going ride when you wanted it to be.  The PYT features anti-rocker which is completely flat throughout the entire effective edge.

Turning: The PYT was very good on edge to edge response, definitely not as forgiving of a ride because the response was so quick to turn on you.  Once on edge it really was easy to hold on edge for the full carve into turns and it could handle rallying through harder carves.  The shorter turns were easy to get into and longer radius turns were decent but the quick response you just kept wanting to turn down the mountain.  The magne traction was pretty mellow, it helped hold an edge but it wasn’t too grippy.

Stable: This is where the PYT impressed, it was rated for a jib flex which means it might not be as stable when it comes to the mountain but I found the flex pattern on the board gave it the upperhand when it came time to freeriding and be able to handle some charging.  In the bumps, it did okay but you definitely felt through the board a bit more.

Pop: All around good pop on the PYT, easy to pop ollies and playful nose/tail so you could butter up the mountain if you wanted to.  The PYT has blunt tips so lighter swing weight but I found the board pretty easy to swing around and ride anyway.

Switch: The PYT is a true twin but also handled like a true twin, there weren’t any surprises on the mountain when I took it switch riding.

Overall Impression: The PYT offers up a flat zero camber board from Smokin designed for the park/jibber but also can handle freeriding outside of the park.  I found the board a really fun ride but also a board that will make you quick on your feet with the edge to edge response you get.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The PYT was the last board of the demo’s but also a favorable women’s board for just how it handled and that it did better than expected for a park board.  It would be fun to try again on a park day where I could really play around with it.  The funny thing about charging is I was following Gorio riding a Jones board, so I knew it could keep up but it definitely didn’t look as stable as Gorio did when it came to hauling down the mountain.

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On Snow Photo

Smokin PYT description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at a demo day.

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