Steamboat 4/10/10

10 Apr, 2010

It’s closing weekend here in Steamboat and while tomorrow might be the last day for snowboarding, today was my last day at Steamboat since i’m going to skip out on tomorrow’s festivities to ride Breckenridge for a demo day.

The sky was blue most of the day, warm temps on the mountain and slushy soft snow conditions which meant an ideal day for lapping park with friends.  I got my morning coffee, headed to the base and met up with Chris, Mandy, Sonny and Sean to start off the day.

Chris’ tailblock in the pipe

We started off in the Rabbit Ears Park but since snow was so slow, we headed into Bashor/Maverick’s Terrain Park so we could use the chairlift there without having to deal with slow cat tracks.  Plus the Rabbit Ears park was dying a fast death in the box line (it’s that tilted as it looks).

Craig’s nose grab in Rabbit Ears Terrain Park

I took a couple laps through the pipe and then got some video and photos of everyone hitting the jump line in Maverick’s.  Here’s the video of Sean with his 540 off the jump (no sound)

Sean’s 540 off the jump from Shayboarder on Vimeo.


Dylan off the big jump




It’s a bummer the season is ending at Steamboat but I’m stoked to ride other mountains before the season truly ends for me.  Today was day 95 and a great day with friends that I’ve come to know from snowboarding here.

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  1. Yessi
    April 12, 2010

    Beauty! Love the first photo!

  2. melanie
    April 12, 2010

    Heck yes! such a fun fun day!!!! 🙂