Steamboat 4/1/10

01 Apr, 2010

Mother nature came through Steamboat and delivered a late season storm that dropped a couple inches on the mountain today.  It was quite the surprise to wake up and notice new snow outside my house this morning.  I kept to my promise of riding everyday till Steamboat closes and headed out to unsure mountain conditions (low visibility from the base).

Lev who is my co-worker joined me for late afternoon shred and we ended up finding out that conditions were much better in spots than expected.  There were still some crusty/icy snow spots underneath but in areas, it was fluffy powder that was up to the knees.

It was weird to go from warm hot weather and slush riding back into winter again but definitely much needed snow for the mountain.

Today is also Gaper Day which when it snows like today…it’s the best way to give back to the locals.  There were some outfits on the mountain, easily spottable but I really wonder why they went through with it when they could have enjoyed the snow much more in their own gear.

We headed into the trees which offered safety from the winds, the chairs were slow today due to winds but not stopped so that was good news.  The tree riding was a blast but definitely worked me harder because this year I haven’t been riding them as often.

My favorite fresh spot of today, I snapped this shot before going through the trees and dropping on the other side.  Lev made sure it was clear before I headed through.

As we headed back to the base, the mini pipe is completely gone and the snow is being used to set up the Rail Rodeo going on in Steamboat this weekend!  It’s nice to have something local to attend, write up and take pictures of friends competing.

Today was a good day for reviewing new gear, took the Roxy Eminence C2 in a variety of conditions, rocked the Spy Trevor goggle and tried out a new pair of Swany gloves.

We’re supposed to get more snow tonight so looks like tomorrow might be another powder day.  I’m just excited for the weekend since I’ll be hanging around Steamboat with time to catch up on blog comments/reviews/posts and personal time to look for new opportunities.

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