Steamboat 4/4/10

04 Apr, 2010

Just a week left till Steamboat closes which means enjoying the mountain as much as possible while it’s open.  This weekend was my last weekend that I plan to in Steamboat for April so it was good to take it easy, get to the mountain when I felt like waking up and just enjoy the runs.   Today took a while to actually hit the slopes since I ended up leaving my boots at home so ended up going home to grab them and coming back to the mountain.

The lower mountain feels empty without the small park, it’s all groomed and the features are gone so all that’s left for park riding is Rabbit Ears and Maverick’s (medium and large features).  I headed up to Rabbit Ears to meet up with Chris and his student John for a couple laps.

Today was my first day on the new 10-11 Arbor Draft which I was able to try on the boxes, log features and halfpipe.  I’ll spend time later this week freeriding with it.

Chris on the flat box

Since the weather turned warm a couple weeks ago, I’ve switched to the sandbox helmet which is my warmer days helmet.  It’s been fun to play with both helmets and keep my head more secure since I’m still learning park.

Despite Steamboat closing soon, my season is nowhere close to ending.  I’ll be traveling some this month but as soon as I get back it’s time to close out the season at A-Basin and see where this summer takes me for more shred journeys.

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