Steamboat 4/5/10

05 Apr, 2010

This has been one interesting season for conditions on the mountain, there’s no guarantee to what the weather or snow will be like until you get up on the slopes.  Today was a really slow snow day on lower mountain, almost warm but not fully bluebird out and really hard to judge speed in spots, too much or too little.  I still can’t believe it’s already day 90 of the season, it’s insane how quickly it passes.

I met up with a bunch of the instructor guys to lap Rabbit Ears and Maverick’s for my ride break.  The guys worked on the jump line getting some filming in and I worked on the rail line, then headed over to the superpipe to try that out.

The nice thing about late season is park laps are almost empty except for running into friends and other locals.  It’s just nice and quiet on the mountain especially on gondola closure days.

I found the pipe pretty fun today, took a couple laps through and even though the rest of the snow in Rabbit Ears was slow the pipe seemed to be faster and not as slow.

Craig getting some pipe time in

Tomorrow I’ll get to enjoy some shred time, we’re supposed to get 12 inches tonight in a storm (hopefully it happens!).  Then tomorrow night I’ll be heading down to Summit County to stay there and get some shred time in on Wednesday.

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