Steamboat 4/9/10

09 Apr, 2010

Today was the last ride break of the season, ride breaks are the reason I can get up on the mountain even though I work a full time Monday to Friday normal job.  It means instead of lunch, I can shred and I’ll definitely miss having that luxury out of the office each day.

I hit up Jenny Brown to catch her on her ride break so could we hit up the mountain and get our lunch fix on the ride up.  Here’s Hannah and Jenny Brown from Powdertools enjoying our lunch, hot dogs on the chairlift.

The shredding is back to soft slush with bluebird skies and no complaints on it at all except for waxing my board alot more often.  With my limited time to ride, we headed to Christie Peak to lap park and pipe.

Jenny Brown getting her carve on

Steamboat is a heavy hitting Olympian town, really I think it’s something in the water here that helps breed Olympians.  There’s new signage that stands out and is meant to inspire you on the mountain.  I’m not on the path to Olympian so I just cruise by usually.

In the park we ran into a bunch of the local guys getting their jump and pipe shred on.  I took a couple shots when I could but mostly just enjoyed the ride.

Dylan on the jump line, straight air over the first jump

Springtime slush spraying in full action

Eric Rolls getting some air in our dying pipe

It was a good day with the crew and great to run into Eric who travels even more than I do.  I was bummed to leave the sunshine to head back inside but stoked for the crew, riding and having fun.  Glad that it’s not ending even though the season is done soon for some mountains.

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